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Dec 11, 2009 05:56 PM

Best Takeout in Markham Richmond Hill

Hello fellow chowhounders.

Having exhausted getting the usual takeout I am interested to hear what suggestions you might reccommend for best takeout in the Markham or Richmond Hill area.
Also have you ever had the experience where the takeout food was better than what was served in house?

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  1. If you like Indian food, I suggest you go to Babu's in Markham. It is strictly a take-out joint and the food is wonderful! Every time I've gone it is busy busy busy, so the food is always fresh! They've also got a selection of Indian snacks and desserts. I haven't tried the desserts yet, but the snacks are really good.

    The one I go to is at McCowan, north of 16th Ave (in the Sobey's plaza).

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      I have been there twice and have been unimpressed with their food, plus I find their food to be way too spicy!

    2. OK, this will result in immediate cancellation of my CH privileges, but:

      Between music, soccer, parties, shopping, etc., Saturday nights often find us uninterested in cooking. And frequently, we order from Golden Hoy (Yonge St, just north of Major Mac - they deliver).

      It's your standard Canadian-Chinese food. We order their family dinner for four, but ask they substitute their Cantonese chow mein for the standard chicken chow mein (we pay extra for that). We're lucky that they are just around the corner, so regardless if they are delivering or we're picking up, it's still piping hot when it gets home. The deal includes 4 egg rolls, chicken wings, S&S chicken balls, fried rice, beef with veg & almond, and the chow mein.

      The egg rolls are absolutely nothing special, but if you eat them while they're still hot, with a squeeze of the ubiquitous plum sauce, they're a guilty pleasure - crunchy outside, crisp cabbage inside, sweetened by the sauce. Let them get even the slightest bit cold, and they're awful - the wrapper gets soft, the inside loses its crispness, and no amount of sugar will resurrect them.

      The wings are simply deep fried, and served with a lemon wedge. After the endless number of overly sauced "Buffalo wing" wannabes I've been subjected to, these wings are
      a pleasant reminder that chicken quickly fried on its own - no breading, no soaking in buttermilk, no masking in Thai/hot/honey-garlic/etc. sauce - can be just wonderful. As with the egg rolls, though, these need to be eaten first while they're still hot. They lose their crispness as they cool, and taste unpleasantly greasy at that point.

      So definitely make the egg rolls and wings your first targets. After that, the S&S chicken balls are pretty much what you'd expect, although I find the chicken to breading ratio higher here than in other places. The sauce is your typical flourescent cornstarch-laden glop, which again loses its appeal as it cools.

      We ask them to put extra broccoli into the beef with veg - they always do. The sauce is pleasantly garlicky, and my girls scarf the whole dish up, which makes me feel they're eating something just a bit good for them. It tastes good the next day.

      The star is the Cantonese chow mein. The noodles are fresh and chewy, and it's chock full of shrimp, BBQ pork, scallops, chicken, water chestnut, etc. It tastes great that day, and just as good the next. This is the dish I raid at midnight (or 3 am after reading CH).

      Chicken fried rice is ... chicken fried rice. They might use a bit more soy than some places, and it might be too salty for some, but it's OK, and my elder daughter and I both secretly dump some of the S&S sauce on it as another guilty pleasure.

      This is $25.99 for pickup; we pay a few extra dollars for the Cantonese chow mein. They call it dinner for four, but it feeds five of us with left-overs. They also have a dinner for three, which is 3 egg rolls, S&S chicken, chicken fried rice and Cantonese chow mein for $20. When I compare the quality and quantity of the food (when eaten hot) compared to what the pizza chains, wing machines, chicken factories, etc. produce, for this price, I think we get a great deal. Again, we're very close, so the fact we get our food quite hot is a big plus - if you were ordering from south of Hwy 7, you might not be so happy.

      Inside the restaurant? The decor is, um, insipid, and not what I call conducive to a happy experience. This is a place I love for takeout/delivery, but in over 20 years in Richmond Hill, I've eaten in there twice.

      For dim sum, our "go to" now is O-Mei. We don't order a lot of specialties - har gow, shui mai, char shui bao, cheung fun are pretty much it, and then we pick up BBQ pork or duck and bread from some other places. Quality is good, portions are generous. Recommended.

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        Joe's Burgers and Falafels - on Yonge, just north of Elgin Mills - is still my favourite spot for chicken souvlaki on a pita because of the great toppings including a great coleslaw that adds a wonderful crunch and flavour to all their sandwiches. They also have great chicken shwarma, falafel, lamb kebabs, yummy fresh made fries... the list goes on and on.

      2. When we want take out we go to All Star wings on Woodbine in Markham. We dined in once and quickly decided it was a much better take-out experience. Their wings are some of the best in the entire GTA.