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Dec 11, 2009 04:42 PM

Problems at Ludobites at Royal-T?

I've been planning on going to Ludobites at Royal-T. However, my friend went there a few days ago. He said that one of the cooks quit, the kitchen was swamped and he had a terrible evening: his food took forever, and a lot of it was served cold. Any recent reports? Has a replacement been hired? I don't want to spend the money if it's going to be a problematic evening, but I loved Ludobites ay Breadbar.

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  1. Have you read my review of that night? I was there. I had a nice time, despite the kitchen issues that evening.

    Any eatery is only as strong as its weakest link in the chain of command. I am positive that this problem would have been solved by now.

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      I did read your review--you just sound like a really nice, patient person! I am curious to find out what other people's experience was and whether the problem has been solved.

    2. Nothing to be concerned about - the only hangover effect of that night is that they now only offer a set prix fixe menu ($44) which consists of 4 courses plus an amuse bouche.

      I had reservations the very next night and received a call that morning from Krissy, Ludo's wife and host, explaining that she was calling everyone with reservations that night to inform them of the change to the menu, to run through the menu and to give them the chance to cancel their reservations.

      The menu is online at his site: with the exception of the amuse bouche which was squid with chorizo puree, kimchi oil and red onions. Everything was terrific when we went and dinner service was just about perfect in terms of timing between courses.

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        Like I said, I was never concerned at all. Go try it and see for yourself.

        Flexibility and improvisation are abilities a good chef must possess, and Chef Ludo is a good chef.