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Dec 11, 2009 03:35 PM

Savannah Help

We are driving south to Tampa week after Christmas and spending an overnight( probably a Tuesday) in Savannah. We will arrive 2-3 in afternoon and looking for a favorite CH spot. We don't want the tourist stops ( Paula's-Bubba's etc). and will be too late for lunch. Looking for a casual, inexpensive spot for seafood, fried chicken or even great sandwiches/appetizers that might reflect the region.

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  1. I suggest you do a search for "savannah" and you will find lots of suggestions. Certainly one not to be missed experience is Mrs. Wilkes, assuming its open when you are there. Its only open for lunch, M-F, and I don't know what, if any, days they may be closed around the holidays.

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      A lot of Savannah hotels do a welcoming / tea at that time of day....partake in that and go somewhere fantastic for dinner!

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          700 Drayton has oodles of southern charm. We like it very much.

    2. We enjoyed The River House although it has been a few years since we were there. It is on River Street which is such a fun place to be anyway.