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Dec 11, 2009 03:08 PM

Epicure Imports Warehouse - Open Next Weekend

I just received notice that Epicure Imports Warehouse will have this year's final public opening next weekend: December 18 and 19:

Friday, December 18: 1:30pm - 6:00pm
Saturday, December 19: 9:30am - 2:00pm

Epicure Imports
6900 Beck Avenue in North Hollywood

Call them if you have any questions.
For Hound reviews and opinions, you can check previous Epicure Import posts. We seem to be a mixed bunch on this place. Some of us really enjoy the experience while others are less enthusiastic. I consistently find their cheese selection to be extraordinary.

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  1. Just know what you are buying. Their Jamon at $13 or so a pound is the exact same brand that Jons carries at $7 or $8 a pound. Got to be an informed shopper. I do not think the current owners or whoever started this a couple of years ago, they used to have great deals.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      BB - you are correct, the place was sold about 2-3 or so years ago and even the name was not exactly the same.
      These owners seem less knowledgable and a bit confused as to how to run the weekend sale - total chaos as to pricing, checking out, etc.
      One checkout line for wine, and another for all other items, as an example.

      1. re: carter

        The wine was being sold by a importer/distributor' I believe he was merely renting space to sell his stock. No connection with the warehouse itself.

    2. I went a few months ago. I thought I got great buys on French cheeses. I bought one pound of very good prosciutto for about $14 and 1/2 pound of Serrano ham, which was exceptional for about the same price.

      When I went through the warehouse where the other items were, I wasn't that enthused by what was offered - some items with 'use-by' dates, had dates that had passed or were about to.

      But for the cheese - superb !!!

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      1. re: toitoi

        I think I got that same domestic or Canadien proscuitto for 10 or 11 apound last time. It really is not a great sale except for a very few items.

        1. re: Burger Boy

          The label said Proscuitto di Parma.

          I don't think they'd falsify a label, do you?

          I bought it at the September sale.

          1. re: toitoi

            Wow, I am sure they would not miss label. That is an amazing price for Proscuitto di Parma. Wow! The stuff I bought a year ago was not di Parma and you are sure it was a pound? Mozel Tov!

      2. I'm of two minds about the warehouse sale. I did find some great salted caramels, duck sausage, and liked the truffle items (though they were not particularly cheap). However, some other items I purchased, like dried cherries, were ridiculously expensive, something I only learned at the checkout aisle. I also was disappointed that they did not have D'Artagnan products, like I had read, but instead carried the Fabrique brand, which I do not find as good.

        As for the cheese selection, I found it quite ordinary and about the same price as I would pay at the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills. I was very disappointed about the lack of bleu cheeses and roqueforts.

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        1. re: Jwsel

          When I shopped there, September sale? - they had one roquefort ; I believe I paid $9.

          It's expiry date was 9 December. I opened the package on the 1st and finished it this week - tangy and moist and delicious.

          Their eppoise was $18, far less than most cheese shops.

          1. re: toitoi

            roquefort for $9, you scored, was it roquefort from Canada or Wisconsin? You can not get Maytag or Point Reyes for that cheap.

            1. re: Burger Boy

              No, it was French roquefort, that's the only kind I'd buy.

              1. re: toitoi

                Sounds like you got lucky twice! What are you doing later? I have a plane gased up and ready to leave Van Nuys for Vegas in 2 hours, when the eagle flies high.

        2. Those are pretty awesome deals. I'm thinking of hitting the sale on Friday. Are there any other suggested items that I should particularly pay attention to? I love all foods, and am willing to try anything.

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          1. re: attran99

            I was at Costco yesterday and saw a French roquefort for $11. It was twice the size of the one I purchased at Epicure. The packaging was similiar, but the producer wasn't the same.

            I'll see what they have in the sale on Friday.

          2. So did anyone go today? I went last time and found some yummy product, but not too many amazing deals. I want to go back and get some more walnut mustard and smoked duck.

            I had lots of problems last time with them telling me one price, and it ringing up another. They told me $8.50 on the mustard but then in rang up $2.50. That was great. However, my mom got screwed on some truffle oil that rang up close to twice what they told her it would be. We didn't notice the mistake until we drove away. I hope they fixed that problem or have more price lists so you can check yourself.

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            1. re: Hapgood

              I went Friday. Got there about 1;45pm, the parking lot was full as well as both sides of the street. Inside, was pleasant until you got to check-out, then it became a hassle, and the wait was long. Too many item's bar-codes haven't been put into the system, so when the scanner reads the code, sometimes the item is rejected and then it must be manually typed in - time consuming. Another problem was that many people loaded their carts, only to reject the item at check-out because they (a) didn't know the price and (b) found out it was too costly. (Even the pages they print AND DON'T HAND OUT, you have to search for them, don't have everything listed in them - VERY FRUSTRATING.

              That said, I think the deals on cheese are the best buys, and all the prices are clearly marked. The roquefort (3.5oz. package) I bought back in September and thought I had paid $9 was only $3.23. However, the epoisses, which was marked $18.50 in the cheese room, I found out I had paid $20.62 (read by bar-code) when I later looked at the receipt.

              This time the serrano ham was in 1/4 lb packaging for $7.25 each. I bought two and paid $14.58.

              I certainly wouldn't go near Epicure today - it'll be a madhouse !!

              Next sale - February 12-13, 2010.

              1. re: Hapgood

                I picked up a few cheeses for under $12, plenty of jars of mustard for under $3, some French accoutrements each under $3, a lovely pork-rabbit sausage for under $9/lb., the $7 jamon serrano package, one of their pre-packaged gift baskets, truffles sauce for $10, truffle butter for $10, and an assortment of wines. While I was there, I was tempted to purchase the macarons (50 for $50), foie gras terrine for well over $100, foie gras for $60 a chunk, and duck charcuterie for $23/lb. But I had to stop myself because my husband would probably never let me go there, again. I had a delightful experience. The staff was super friendly and helpful in describing the products (and how they're made). The tasting stations were great...I had a pre-dinner snack and a ton of wine. I arrived a little after 4:00PM, and browsed and shopped until a little after six. I did not encounter a huge line (there was only one person in front of me), but they opened up another check-out station just for me. I chatted with the owner and one of the managers to find that Epicure Imports supplies Michael Mina, Bouchon (BH and LV), and The Bazaar (the jamon serrano is the same one that ends up on your plate, but they do not carry the Iberico or the Iberico Barlota). I can't wait to come back in February!