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Dec 11, 2009 02:06 PM

Meal with Mom: Sparrow Brunch of M sur Masson Lunch

I am looking to take my mom out for a meal tomorrow around 11 AM and I am looking for some suggestions. Should I go for Brunch at Sparrow or Lunch at M sur Masson? I am looking for someplace where the food is great and the atmosphere is pretty nice.

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  1. The Sparrow is wonderful, but only take your mom there at 11 if she won't mind waiting as it's usually pretty packed on weekends at that hour and they don't take reservations for fewer than 4 people.

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      I called a bit ago and got their answering machine and it said they were only accepting reservations for group of 6 or more now? Maybe I misheard because my French isn't the greatest and I was still in the morning fog, but quatre and six sound pretty different. Their website (facebook page) still has the reservation for 4 up. I should probably just call in again to clarify :P

      1. re: afoodyear

        it's six, or at least was when I was there last weekend

    2. The Sparrow, hands down.

      1. We ended up going to GriffinTown for brunch and had a wonderful meal. My mom had some crabcakes with scrambled eggs (it was supposed to be poached but she doesn't like her eggs runny) and she really liked that. I had their bourbon vanilla french toast with a side order of eggs and potatoes for my son and it was delicious. The plate came with some scrumptious homemade bacon that I would definitely go back for. Also tried their Griffintown mimosa (OJ with cider) which really topped off our meal.

        I would definitely go back to try out some of their other plates.

        I still want to try out Sparrow but I didn't have enough people to fill a reservation and since it was her birthday I didn't want to take the chance and have her wait in line. It'll have to be for another time.