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Best Party Cakes

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I just had my baby shower on 12/06/09 and everyone was asking about the cake. We ordered the Chocolate with Chocolate Whip Cream filling and Butter Cream frosting on a half sheet. The Cake was beautifully decorated to match our color theme and for 60-70 person serving...the cake was $80. The chocolate cake was super moist, buttercream was not too sweet.....just fluffy and perfect, but the BEST part was the filling. We served the cake cold and the filling tasted JUST like chocolate ice cream. Everyone loved it....and everyone took a bunch of it home. Luckily we still had enough left to bring home and almost a week later....it's just as moist and delicious as the day we bought it. I am now not only a huge fan of the Porto's food, but a HUGE fan of their cakes. =)

Porto's Bakery
315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

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