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Dec 11, 2009 12:05 PM

Best restaurants in Chelsea

Hey! Just moved to chelsea from the east side. I love a lot of the restaurants near here, like the fatty crab, and gradisca. So many of the restaurants here though are touristy (i.e. spice market, pastis, etc.)

Where are the greatest little spots to eat while also avoiding the tourist mobs??

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  1. You may not be able to avoid the mobs but Txikito is one of my favorites in the neighborhood. Especially at the bar. How about Grand Sichuan? Also Cafe Grumpy for coffee.

    1. Soccarat Paella Bar is amazing (check my spelling on that, though)
      Le Zie
      Grumpy for coffee as said above

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        I love Soccarat! The Arroz Negro is amazing. And I believe that their wine bar next door should be opening any day now.

      2. Also Murray's for bagels.

        1. O Mai is a superb upscale Vietnamese that gets a mostly local clientele.

          1. El Quinto Pino is a great little spot for tapas. Company is also a great spot for pizza. Don't forget Scarpetta for Italian. Red Cat is also solid.