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Dec 11, 2009 11:59 AM

Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant Recommendations for Calgary

A former Calgary resident, I've been away for a few years and looking for some recommendations for where to hold a Chinese Wedding Banquet in Calgary. I want to make sure the food is great for our special day.

Thanks in advance Chowhounders!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Ok, so a lot of people go to the Regency in Chinatown. But I would avoid that place, I've been to so many weddings there and the food isn't that good. This is coming from a person who had better Chinese banquet food in Winnipeg than that place. I would suggest trying Forbidden City on 36 St in the N.E. It's where the N.E T&T is or you can go to T.Pot in the N.W where the much more new T&T is, it's renovated and quite modern. It's owned by the same owners as Forbidden City Restaurant in the N.E. I also think it depends on the size of your wedding as well. I know the Regency holds the most amount people (probably around the 300 range). Another place where I've seen people have weddings at is also Harbour City which is across from the Regency Restaurant in Chinatown. It's much smaller than the other two places I recommended, but if you're having a small initmate wedding, then that maybe a good choice. I would suggest to you to check out the three I recommended. See if it's the right size for you and if possible, eat there and see how their food taste like and if you like it, you can ask for their wedding reception menus and compare prices.

      1. We had ours at Central Grand, but I haven't eaten there in a few years except for dimsum. I also recommend Forbidden City cautiously. Food is always good but -- a friend was having her smallish reception there; another big reception wanted the space on the same day and they told her they were taking the big reception over her. -- After the invitations were printed and sent. That was about 8 years ago, so hopefully there is new management.

        I do not recommend Regency as well. My parents have gone to a few receptions there for baby showers, etc., and said many guests were disgruntled. Silver Dragon is a good standby but amongst family and friends they feel the food tends to be more catered towards a western clientele. I agree, I would pick a few and eat out and see how you like the food in each location. Pick a litmus test item (such as your fave dish) to see if they pass, as well as compare menus and prices.

        1. Hi Tony,

          It really depends on how many people you want at the wedding. If it is over 300, unfortunately, Regency is the only place you can go. I think the food at Regency is ok, but definitely not the best. However, Regency is probably the most experience restaurant in Calgary when dealing with a huge banquet.

          Personally, I have a strong dislike for Harbour City as a place to host banquet. Simply put, they are not that professional. I have been to a wedding where wedding banquet took up all but 2 or 3 tables in the main room. So what did the restaurant do? They let a company use those 2 tables as their company events.

          I like Central Grand and Silver Dragon. Central Grand and Silver Dragon can host upwards of 200ish people. Although Silver Dragon is more tailor towards a western crowd, their chinese food can be very good if they are aware of the audience. Furthermore, in my opinion, the service at Silver Dragon is the best. Central Grand has great food. My beef with Central Grand if you were to host a banquet there is that potentially, you'll have a bunch of your guest siting in the "other room".

          1. I really like the food at Tai Pan but I'm not sure if they have experience catering for a banquet (you'll have to ask them). There's also no private room so unless you can fill the place up, it might be annoying to be mixed in with the regular customers. I'd estimate it would hold about 100 people and the atmosphere is pretty nice.