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Dec 11, 2009 11:52 AM

Best meal in Savannah- Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House

I went here the day after Thanksgiving, after a disappointing meal at Bubba's Oyster House (Paula Deen's other, less popular restaurant). You have to get here early because they're only open M-F and only for lunch. They serve family style and let people in as you get there to fill up the tables.

I grew up in Florida and have eaten alot of Southern food before and this was BY FAR THE BEST MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD. It might have been that we were in the first seating, but the piping hot food was there waiting for us at the table. Tables seat approximately 8 people. I should have taken a picture, though I counted and there were over 20 different plates of food there. Delicious and moist fried chicken, spare ribs, collards, macaroni and cheese, cornbread casserole, squash-- I could go on. The only disappointing thing was that I didn't have more room in my belly. It was so so good. I think the price was about $16 pp- which was a bargain!

Check it out if you go to Savannah- it's worth the trip!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Wow -- I wish I had read this yesterday! I was in Savannah and slightly south of there on business. Hopefully I will be able to make another trip soon.

      I will note, however, that I did have lunch today at a German restaurant across from the courthouse in Hinesville, Georgia. The name of it was "Zum Rosenhof" at the # is (912) 876-2191. It was very nice, and one of the best parts was a the cold salad that was served before the schnitzel. If you ever have to be a little south of Savannah and not too far off of I-95, then it is well worth the trip into a very pretty hamlet.

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        Tehama, don't feel is closed for January...just means you gotta plan another trip!

      2. I know this thread is pretty old but we just got back from Savannah and Mrs. Wilkes was by and far the highlight. How can one restaurant make so many dishes so good? We got in line at 10:30 and were seated around 11:30. It was so worth the wait.

        We had the fried chicken, pork bbq, collards, cheesy mash (my personal favorite), mac and cheese, okra and tomatoes, sweet potatoes, creamed corn.....the list goes on and on. Even the desserts (peach cobbler or banana pudding) are out of this world. All I can say is brave the line and go!

        Later that night we went to the Pink House for dinner but frankly I'd rather have eaten at Mrs. Wilkes again! (Not that the Pink House was bad, just that Mrs. Wilkes is SO GOOD!)

        1. I've only been to Savannah twice in my life (about 20 years apart) and my only meal there in both cases was at Mrs. Wilkes--first trip I fortunately got a personally autographed cookbook. Both experiences were awesome and I can't wait to go back. Places like this are the epitome of what Chowhound is all about....