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Dec 11, 2009 11:18 AM

melt in your mouth Colombian arepas

Arepiando on Dufferin south of Lawrence

WOW! They are known as "las transportadoras" for a reason one bite has you back to those streets in a second.

I have never posted here before but this place gave me reason to pop that cherry seeing as how i couldn't find anything related to arepas.

The arepas are made fresh (at least they taste like they are) and you can get it with just cheese or with chicken or beef or pork or egg OR if your not worried about a coronary embolism you can try it all together in one massive one. I stick to the one with just cheese cuz im hooked but let me know if you have tried any others and what you think

Colombiana ;)

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  1. Welcome to chowhound!!! Just curious, what (regional Colombian) style where they?

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    1. re: Sam Fujisaka

      welll....they took me back to the streets of cali :D I wanna say they are arepas vallunas but they have cheese in them soo..(u can get without if you like)..i dunno

      and thanks for the welcome, i always browse through here but have never posted

      1. re: bettyvee

        They sound great, but don't sound like anything I've found here in Cali over the past 16 - 17 years. Hocky puck or pancake size? Some of the arepas con queso here are pretty good and can be melting in the mouth soft when eaten absolutely hot off the grill in the morning.

        Please keep posting!

        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          i would say pancake size and they are definitely soft on the inside but slightly crisp on the outside. From wat i have heard they make them oldskool mushing up the corn instead of using the precooked flour that you can get in nofrills and such..wat i use to make them at home hehehe

    2. Are the deep fried ones that were everywhere in Cartegena? If so, I'd practically move house to be near them!

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      1. re: KitchenVoodoo

        i havent been to cartagena yet..eventually..but the deepfried one is much smaller than the others and they use the same masa from empanadas with what lookslike to be a deepfried egg in the middle..didnt think i would like but was surprised that i did :)

        1. re: bettyvee

          WOW, wonderful wonderful wonderful food. After reading the Toronto Star article about this place, we decided to give this place a go. Simple fair but Bettyvee was dead on in her review. I had the mix arepa ($5 even), combo of beef, chicken and cheese. It was heaven between an unleavened cornmeal patty. SO had the reina pepiada arepa ($6 even) avacado, chicken, mayo and onions. He finished off with the sausage arepa ($4 even) chrizo sausage. All were served with 5 types of condiments. I can't say enough, truly mouth watering.

          The sweet couple (Sandra and Juan) working behind the counter made the visit worth while. It is a very simple place with a couple of tables and counter seating. They are in the process of getting their liqour license but frankly it would change the atmosphere of the place. Loud Columbian music played from the giant tv made me feel like I was back on the streets in the Northern Andes.

          They are located at 2892 Dufferin Street

          1. re: theFword

            I ate here again and I just can't say enough. Yum!

            1. re: theFword

              Have you been to Columbus Bakery?? It's almost right across the street.

              How do they compare??

              2931 Dufferin


              1. re: Davwud

                By coincidence, I went to Arepiando yesterday. I was actually heading north on Dufferin from Eglinton, on my way to Columbus Bakery for a late lunch/snack, when I noticed the sign for Arepiando. It was awesome!! I only had one of the arepas--the crispy pork (chicharon). I was most intrigued with the actual arepa which is in the tortilla family (with white corn), but thicker and softer and able to be split like a pita. In fact, I ate mine in my hand, like a falafel. There was a table with about 5 different toppings which you could add to taste. There was a mild 'salsa' and a more piquant one (chipotle-like). Also a garlic-mayo, a pink mayo and a mayo with cilantro, I think.
                My arepa was $4. There was a lot of variety and the people were very nice. I'll be back soon.

                Davwud, this place was more limited in its menu than Columbus Bakery since it specialized in arepas, but a wonderful addition to Toronto's on-the-run dining scene (there are plenty of seats if you want to eat in too).

            2. re: theFword

              Sounds fantastic. What kind of condiments were available?

        2. Does anyone know if they accept debit?

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          1. re: magic

            magic, I brought one of their menus home yesterday. Here's the phone number if you want to ask about debit: 647 348 2799.

            1. re: Yongeman

              Thanks kindly! I'm going to call them.

              1. re: magic

                Went for lunch today. Utterly delicious. Thanks so much for this rec.

                Got a kind of custom made arepa with Colombian sausage, chicken, beef, and guacamole. Because I made some substitutions it actually cost me like $8.50, which was a tad steep and I was kind of wondering how they arrived at that price. I didn’t get into it, the owner seems real sweet and didn’t seem like he was trying to rip me off so I didn’t push it this time. I had a bite and I decided it was well worth it. Next time I think I’ll just stick to their regular arepa combinations, most of which are a very reasonable $4. The sauces you can add on are so good too.

                In addition to the arepa being really wonderful (much MUCH better than Café Arepa on Queen, which I am not a fan of) the owners are sooooo nice. They really care about their food and customers.

                Can’t wait to go back. Enjoy the pics. They aren’t great but it’s hard to photog with one hand and a mediocre camera.

                (And they do accept debit – with a 25 cent fee)

                1. re: magic

                  On 2nd visit, Arepiando was just as good as my first. I still highly recommend. Hope people check it out. Very tasty. Sweet people running it. Free parking too.

                  1. re: magic

                    I agree. We were there on Monday and enjoyed a great snack. The arepas are more on the crispy side than the fluffier venezuelan version. God ratio of filling to arepa. Condiments were good and staff were friendly.

              2. re: Yongeman

                is it me or is the website link broken?

                1. re: shekamoo

                  You're right, shekamoo. I hadn't tried it, just posted it from the menu info. I'll go back and edit the link out of my previous message. The website is actually registered, but not yet activated. Sorry.

            2. Had lunch there today.

              Quite good but did not WOW.

              I think next time I'll eat in to take better advantage of the sauces. I was on the fly and ate in the truck.

              I did find the arepas themselves seemed to lack a bit of salt to them. They seemed a bit pun intended.


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              1. re: Davwud

                The sauces bring it all together there. Eating in is a must, to get at those sauces. Personally, I thought the actual arepas were seasoned well, they weren't bland.... for me. A bit subtle, but def not bland.

                1. re: magic

                  I have to agree with magic, Davwud. The sauces are integral to enjoying the arepas to the max. I totally relate to your having to eat on the run though...better that way than not at all.

                  1. re: Yongeman

                    Finally made it there for lunch on Wed. Owner Juan Carlos was very solicitous and recommended the Reina Pepiada arepa, filled with avocado, chicken, mayo and onions. Filling resembled chicken salad with a little too much mayo for my liking but very tasty altogether. I passed on the sauces, maybe next time. For me the standout was the Avena oatmeal drink, made with milk, oats, cinnamon and slightly sweetened. Will definitely be making this drink at home.

                    1. re: cuterscooter

                      I too finally made it and had the "queen" arepa - shredded chicken and their version of quacamole, which was more like a dressing. I found it a bit bland, so loaded on the hot chillie sauce. It was a high quality mini-meal mid afternoon, the couple in charge are really lovely, and they had a steady stream of regulars for both dine in and take away. They deserve to succeed.
                      The arepa was feshly made, and had a lovely crunch from the grill. Very satisfying.
                      If only I could find the deep fried yellow corn arepas with meat and whole egg slipped inside that I remember from Cartagena!

              2. I noticed Arepiando is now called Tostada Grill.

                Has anyone else noticed this? Is this just a new name? New owners?

                I hope it's just a different name. Arepiando has (had?) great arepas and very sweet owners.....