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Dec 11, 2009 11:16 AM

NJ Chow coming to PGH Southside for weekend

We are going to be in Pittsbugh for the Steelers/Packers game next weekend. We are staying on the Southside. We will be there for Dinner and drinks on Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.

Looking for a great place for dinner with a good beer selection on Saturday night (all types of cusine OK but cant be too $$$) and also a good breakfast place for Sunday morning before the game.

Here is the short list:

Yo Ritas
Primanti's (the one in The Strip Distrcit - is it worth it?)


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  1. Ah, heck, stay on the South Side for dinner at least! No reason to go elsewhere. Yo Rita is absolutely good stuff, but not nearly the same as the other places you've listed. It's one of the more unusual and tasty experiences you could have at those prices. I dunno about the beer list; I think they must have beer but I sure don't remember. I had La Diabla cocktail, really good. Get the jicama chopped salad, was really surprised by that one. Even if the beer is unremarkable or missing, there are so many other places to go and get beer on the South Side that it hardly matters. Heck, go to both Yo Rita AND Fathead's! :-) (In that order, you don't want to be full of Fathead's bar food before going to Yo Rita. ;-) And no, when you're already on the South Side, there is no reason to trek over to Primanti's in the strip, unless it's 4am and you still need somewhere to go. ;-)

    Pamela's is tops for breakfast IMO. Depending upon where in South Side you are you might be closer to the Oakland one or otherwise the one in the Strip. Oakland opens earlier on Sunday by half an hour, heh. Or you could always just go to Primanti's for breakfast. ;-)

    PS Hope you're coming to see the Packers because the Steelers are in a huge slump. :-(

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      YoRita usually offers four beers and a cider/fruity thing on tap, all decent selections. But if it's beer you want, then it's either Fatheads for their comprehensive selection of microbrews or Piper's Pub for a true Guiness pour. Wouldn't bother wtih anything else on Carson for beer (unless you really need a big stein at Hofbrauhaus).

      Also, with YoRita, do yourself a favor and get at least one of the night's specials instead of sticking with the menu. Sousa's mind is positively evil when it comes to inventing weird-ass tacos. You'll never have anything like them, anywhere.

      IMO, Primanti's in the Strip for breakfast is actually a better choice than Pamela's or DeLuca's. I don't get the infatuation with either of those places. And their coffee outright sucks. A Primanti's gives you your meat, your egg, your potatoes and some coleslaw fiber... what more could you want? Breakfast might actually be the best time to eat one of those gut bombs.

      Haven't been to Tom's Diner on Carson, but if it serves the gyro omelet like Tom's in Dormont, there's another option for breakfast. You could also head up to Big Dog (27th and Sarah) for great coffee and pastries (or Nikolay's homemade oatmeal).

      If beer is REALLY important, best beer selection in city is Sharp Edge, but none of their locations are near Carson.

      1. re: Panini Guy

        You know I had meant to include a line about there must be a decent breakfast place on the South Side as well, but I must have forgotten while composing it. I just don't know the places open in the morning. I thought of Tom's Diner but have not been so wasn't familiar.

        That said, I just went to Pamela's (in the Strip) today and had the "famous" hotcakes (as they call them on the menu), and they really are good. I've been a few times before but don't recall ever ordering these before. I'm sure it's not everyone's taste, but I like 'em. They're unlike anything I've seen before, which I've heard over and over but now have tasted for myself. The edges were crispy, even! Ate them plain with just the butter that they served on top, as I don't do fake syrup (real maple or nothing, please), and they were just really appealing. I had wanted to try them, and they actually did not disappoint. I can see why people like them, although I could also see someone looking for a more traditional pancake and not wanting these.

    2. if beer is important perhaps you'd like to cruise by the touristy hofbrauhaus, but you'd be skipping the true pgh experience of carson st. I agree, if you're sleeping on southside - stay and enjoy it. doublewide probably has good beer selection but better food options. I haven't been but what about tom's diner for bfast?

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      1. re: 42duffy

        Thanks so much everyone for the suggestions! The game has been changed to a 4:15 kick-off so we are now staying Sunday night too. That gives us more time to try all the different places you have suggested.

        PS: Go Pack Go!

        1. re: stack_c

          Big Dog Coffee on Sarah Street (27th block away from the river) is really nice for breakfast and great coffee. It is off Carson and is a great neighborhood establishment. They have a steel cut oatmeal "bar" and wonderful pastries.

          Dish is a wonderful restaurant on 17th Street off Carson at Sarah (away from the river). I think it is the best restaurant in the Southside. Eat dinner there and then head to Fatheads or Piper's for some great beer.

          Yo Rita has some really great tacos happening but the service and atmosphere leave a lot to be desired. It is located at the 1100 block on Carson Street.

          Have fun and watch out for the frat boys.

          1. re: chinacat1969

            with some extra time available, head up Mt Washington for the view - not necessarily the food.