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Dec 11, 2009 11:10 AM


I live in the Avenue Road/Wilson area. Last week I received a flyer with a coupon for a free medium pizza from Panago at 1852 Avenue Road. The only restriction was it was good for up to $16.00 and expires December 31,2009.

When is the last time you got a coupon like this? Today I decided to pop in after the gym. I was greeted warmly by a lovely couple who I assume are the owners. I felt bad just getting a freebie so I ordered a ceaser salad and some rosemary bread sticks. He charged $4.09 for the entire order. I left briefly to move my car and when I came back he said I forgot to charge you for the rosemary breadsticks. I left my purse in the car and when I told him I would get the money he said pay me the next time. Have you ever? I insisted on paying him. I am not used to all this kindness!

I thoroughly enjoyed it. The pizza had lots of cheese on it which is hard to find sometimes. The salad was very fresh and a nice portion and the breadsticks irresistible.

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  1. They just opened up one of these down the street from me in Oakville so hopefully I will find a free pizza coupon in my mailbox one day....

    I have heard good things about this joint. I think I tried them years ago when they first moved to Ontario but I don't really recall how it compares to other chains/individual pizza places

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      Tropical chicken pizza, replace the onions with bacon


      BBQ chicken pizza, replace the onions with pineapple


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        i received one, too. No dollar limit - just says free medium pizza (does not say # topping). Will definitely try it out.

    2. Can't comment on the freebie but Panago's has been our go-to pizza for a long time in BC. Best thin crust and good combinations.

      1. Popped in to the Bremner Rd (Toronto) location yesterday for lunch. $6 for a personal pizza and a drink. You can order any pizza on their menu and they make it fresh for you. Sure beats a slice that's been sitting under a warming lamp all day. The only problem was that I only had a half an hour for lunch. The pizza came pretty quickly, but I burnt my tongue scarfing it down : ). It will certainly be my go to lunch place when I'm working in that part of town!!!

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          They make each and every pizza fresh. My medium pizza was ready in 10 minutes!

        2. PANAGO ROCKS! Most under rated chain Pizza in Canada. Tons of toppings and a solid effort to use more expensive ingredients inlcuding organics and a tomato sauce that actually tastes good..

          1. Do they all have sit down tables? Wouldn't mind trying a pizza from them, but getting it to my place by any means would be annoying.

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            1. re: Pincus

              No tables; there *might* be a counter with stools along the back window at some locations..

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                also, i was told the reason alot of pizza places or take-out joints might not have tables, is because if there are tables they are required to have a public washroom as well. My friend who worked at a pizza place before said thats why alto of places just have high bar stools and a counter top; no washroom is required

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                  There is at least one counter by the window with a few stools. Mainly they are for waiting, but I've seen kids tucking in at this counter comfortably enough. There might even be two counters. For sure one though. This is for the Avenue Rd. location.

                  1. re: magic

                    Thanks to you both for the info. Will drop by sometime over the holidays to check it out.