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Dec 11, 2009 11:05 AM

New to the Adirondacks/Vermont border Area

Well...we bought the house. And we went out to celebrate and picked what can only be called the most obvious place in town. And it was worse than horrible. It was bad cafeteria food. And what made it worse, the proprietor came around the chat, see how everything was (being polite, we said nothing) and then, as he was leaving, said "I have a terrific chef."

Which begged the question, where was he tonight?

Anyway...we're in a little town called Granville. In New York. The closest landmark town would be Glens Falls. Beyond that, Saratoga Springs. We're cheek by jowl with the Vermont border...wondering if we'd have better luck (both restaurants and shopping) if we head for the Green Mountains? Grocery shopping has been a definite up-tick from Brooklyn, from whence we sprang, at least insofar as day-to-day groceries. The lovely farmer is dropping off fresh farm eggs every Thursday. That's nice. He closed up his vegetable stand, but not before dropping off boxes of Delicata and Festival squash for us. Running out of squash recipes...including soups, baked rolls ala sticky buns and eggy squash custards.

But mostly we're wondering where the good places are to eat. Doesn't have to be fancy schmancy. Just real.

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  1. Congrats on your new home! We live in northern CT, and have a cabin in the woods in Granville. We've been going up there since the late 80s. All is not necessarily lost, gastronomically speaking, but you may have to travel a bit for decent dining. I can't remember the last time we dined out in the vicinity, (we tend to cook a lot at the cabin) except for breakfast, when we go up to Perry's Main St. Eatery in Poultney (lots of cheddar in the omelets, and the coffee just keeps flowing). For fine dining, you might want to head east out of town on 149 and take route 30 towards Manchester. The Barn in Pawlet has decent food, and a pub on the lower level. It's not fine dining, but the last time we were there, it was better than anything available in Granville. If you continue south on route 30, there's the Dorset Inn and Barrows House in Dorset, and as you approach Manchester, you'll see the Adams Kitchen Store, which hosts a year round farmers' market on Sundays. The market is in Dorset, next to Williams' store, in the summer, and everyone moves indoors for the winter. I've gotten some great produce there in season, along with terrific cheese, meats and breads. Links are below.

    I almost forgot to mention the Red Brick Cucina, in Poultney. We haven't been there yet, but it looks like it might fit the bill - real food, and they have decent reviews. Plus, Poultney is a bit closer than Dorset.

    I don't know much about Glens Falls or Hudson Falls, but you might want to check the NY boards for more info.

    1. The Red Brick Grill in Poultney gets good reviews, although I've never been there. A couple of my business partners have eaten there and said its much better than standard Italian.

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        We just came back from dinner at Red Brick Cucina (they've changed the name). We drove 30 miles each way from Manchester, Vt. and it was worth it. The restaurant is charming and cozy, the welcome warm. The menu is unlike anything else in the area and everything was well executed. We had an eclectic mix of shrimp scampi served tapas style, a wonderful romaine salad with bacon, dates and gorgonzola, farfalle with duck and my favorite...a pizza with fresh mozzerella. basil and anchovies cooked in the wood fired oven. The panna cotta with honey, lavender and pears was a standout.
        To all of you who have heard good things about Red Brick Cucina, but have not gone yet...go quickly...and give the lovely owners a hug.

      2. I hope you check back - I've got three great tips for you. We live in CT but come up to the area to x-country ski a couple times a year. We have found three places that we absolutely love in the area:

        Bistro Tallulah - Glens Falls - really excellent French/New Orleans inspired cuisine. Great place. Lovely owners.

        Marco Polo - Warrensburg - divey little pizza/sub shop with wonderful subs - meatball, sausage and peppers, and the eggplant parm is really divine

        Oscar's Smokehouse - Warrensburg - amazing in-house smoked meats and cheeses, etc. - the best jerky I've ever had

        We are big-time food snobs and often think about making the drive up just to hit this trifecta. Check it out!