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Huntington NY good value with children

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Hello. Does anyone know of a nice restaurant, not a burger joint, that has pretty good values or possibly an early bird menu on a Saturday in or around Huntington,NY?
My children do not eat off the kids menus anymore, so we can not afford to take them to restaurants that have $20 plus entrees, which is typical in Huntington. But we are not looking for a pizza or burger joint either. Just a good family restaurant that has reasonably priced food or specials.
One idea we had was to do a pre-5PM late lunch at the Cheescake Factory, but we didn't really want to go to a chain because we are going out for a birthday.

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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by values, and I live in Huntington but dine without kids. I thought the map search function on this page might help you, and happy birthday to someone!


    Oops; just checked and the map function won't work in either browser I use. You could scroll through the list or check for old Joan Reminick "Cheap Eats" columns searching for Huntington.

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      By value I mean that you are not paying for the location or the ambiance or that place being the current trendy place to go. Just good food and service at reasonable family prices.
      There is a place in Rockland county called Pasta Cucina that has many good meals with generous portions for around $12. They have their $20 meals too, but this way you have a choice if you can't afford to spend $140 on a family of four.
      A late afternoon "early bird" is a 3 course meal for $12.95.
      But we are visiting relatives in Huntington, so that place is not an option. Usually places like Pasta Cucina are hard to find unless you live somewhere for a while and go out to eat a lot. But I figured someone with a family may know just the place.
      When you start spending $60 alone just for 2 kids to eat half their adult meals, you start looking for places like this. (When I say kids, I mean "tweeners", not 7 year olds).

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        This is one place we go when we want some atmosphere and less expense:


        Farther south is:


        The Golden Dolphin is a decent diner, but it sounds like you want more of a celebration kind of enivironment?

    2. The Golden Dolphin Diner sounds like what you're aiming for. Decent, hearty food for children and adults. There is one waiter who will do magic tricks that will charm the children and food is in abundance with reasonable prices. Get there early for it crowds up after 6:00

      1. Mundays in the village of Huntington might fit the bill for you.

        1. FH Riley, on New York Avenue, has a pasta special on Sundays.

          If your kids like Indian food, House of India on Main Street is not bad, and inexpensive.

          Even though I'm not crazy about the sports bar feel, Nicky's of Centerport on Little Neck Road has wonderful
          calamari and fried shrimp. The mussels are terrific, too.

          For Greek, you may get recommendations for Mediterranean Snack Bar, but I prefer Skorpios on New York Avenue.

          1. Thanks. You guys came up with just the type of restaurants I was looking for.
            Unfortunately, I sent out the post way too close to the time we were going, and didn't get to read everything. We went to a place that was nostalgic to my wife's family, so it was a good time, but exactly what I was trying to avoid for my wallet. Nothing reasonable for the kids, and even the adults meals and drinks were way overpriced for an older restaurant with just an OK atmosphere. That was a German place called Pumpernickels in Northport. Don't get me wrong, the food was good, not fantastic, but big portions, but it looked like everyone there had been going for years and didn't care what it costs. I spent almost 50% more then I had budgeted for.
            I really like the Italian recommendations you guys sent, I even had been to a few Bertuccis before, I didn't realize there was one around there. We actually passed it on the way. That's a pretty good choice as far as chains go.
            That Pomodorino sounds kinda like the Pasta Cucina place I mentioned.
            But I'll save these recommendations for the next birthday celebration in the area.

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              We wandered into Pumpernickels once. Lots of folks clearly spending an entire weekend day at the bar, and pretty heavy, uninspired German food and indifferent servers. And too much money for the experience. I'm sorry you didn't see the posts earlier; that's what laptops and PDAs are for! ;-)