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Dec 11, 2009 10:44 AM


Where is good Prosciutto at retail?
George's? Bavarian Meats? Ballard Market?

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  1. De Laurenti has the big names (Parma, San Danielle), but, as is typical, the prices are over the top. PFI has prosciutto of some Italian provenance, but they won't slice it. Salumi, for some reason, sells a product from Canada, which bothers me. I'm thinking QFC or Whole Foods will typically have Parma and/or San Danielle at a fair price and will slice it.

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      As a counterpoint, I like the Alps pork proscuitto that Salumi serves. Their in-house lamb proscuitto is also excellent.

      1. re: not the bad Steve

        +1 on the Alps prosciutto. I buy it sliced at Delaurenti, & mostly prefer it to the imported product that we get here. (It's from New York, FWIW. Astoria, Queens.)

      2. re: equinoise

        The Interbay Whole Foods has one kind of Parma at $22.99 but I got some today and I think the store staff is still new and doesn't get how thinly to slice it. The Roosevelt store carries La Quercia from Iowa, which is actually a bit more like Serrano but is very good. I really don't think Delaurenti's prices on this are bad. They have one kind for $19.99 and a few others up to $29.99 or so. They are good at slicing as you'd expect. Picnic on Phinney Ridge has it and my purchase price seems quite reasonable but I don't remember the price per pound. Ballard Market has one kind (can't remember what).

      3. Costco has prosciutto di Parma sliced in 12 oz packs. The quality seems pretty good to me and the price quite good. It is packaged in such a way that it is pretty easy to remove one slice at a time.

        1. Check out Zoe's Meats. They provide many Seattle-area restaurants with high-quality meat. I have not tried their prosciutto, but the bacon is amazing.

          1. Costco. Trader Joe also has sliced proscuitto in a package. Metropolitan Market carries prosciutto in the deli.

            1. had some KILLER German style prosciutto from Bavarian Meats (PPMkt) called Black Forest Schinken... can't wait to make the 1 1/2 hour drive down there to get some MORE... they knew how thin to cut it, too.... perfect

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                Some (most?) of the German style schinkens (hams) are smoked, often heavily so. Proschiutto is not smoked.

                Freybe brand bauerschinken is a regular part of my Canadian camping trips.
                I've seen their products at Central Market(s)