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Dec 11, 2009 10:05 AM

Pimento dram in eggnog?

I was gearing up to make another rum/brandy based eggnog. I've used Sailor Jerry in the past with good success but have seen some folks around the net mention using pimento dram along with non-spiced rum with good effect. Has anyone tried this? I'm curious what amount of dram would work well, say per 8oz of nog. My experience with the stuff is that it can quickly overpower a drink.

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  1. Here's the recipe I used this year, which I adapted from the Chow "Best Eggnog" recipe. It made ~55 ounces of nog. Haven't tried it yet (it's still aging in my fridge) but when I sampled it when I made it I thought it was really tasty if perhaps just a touch too sweet. Will be interesting to see how aging affects that. The peach liqueur lightened the flavor just a bit and gave it an amazing aftertaste -- this, I think, will make an even bigger difference than the dram.

    7 egg yolks
    3/4 cup sugar
    10 ounces cup heavy cream
    18 ounces whole milk
    12 ounces bourbon (1792 Ridgemont)
    4 ounces rum (Barbancourt 5-star)
    4 ounces Cognac (Martell VSOP)
    3.5 ounces peach liqueur (Mathilde Peche)
    3.5 ounces pimento dram (homemade - sub St Elizabeth)
    pinch kosher salt
    dash vanilla extract

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      Interesting, particularly on the booze angle, as I was already wondering last night how using all 3 (whiskey, rum, brandy/cognac) would work, I was thinking that one would probably need to choose one of the rum or whiskey. I like the notion of the peache, and I have some of that in my cabinet. Maybe I'll play around a bit tonight and see what happens.

      I'd been planning on fiddling with Morgenthaler's eggnog recipe - it worked well for me last year, and I'm lazy and like the notion of not separating eggs :).

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        Todays WhiskeyCast (podcast) talks about this issue.