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Dec 11, 2009 09:49 AM

Haitian patties--great new bakery on Church Ave

I was on my way to Ram's Roti on Church Ave but noticed a new shop right next door advertising Haitian patties. I love the beef patties at the Haitian Immaculee Bakery over on Rogers and so I was psyched to find a new place to try them. Haitian Patties are different from the Jamaican ones in that they have more of a puff pastry shell whereas the Jamaican shell is flaky but not usually that puffy. I always describe the patties at Immaculee like "beef croissants" and the ones at the Church Avenue Bakery were similarly light and puffy but more delicate, the puff pastry was kind of amazing and if it's made in house I am super-impressed. I ate a salt cod one in the store and immediately bought 2 more to bring home. They were not greasy at all and the filling was delicate, delicious and not too salty. The other available patty varieties were beef, chicken, spinach and I think a herring one. On the strength of the codfish filling in the patties I decided to order a codfish bake. Now, I have had many terrible bakes in the area--oily, leaden, stale, too salty, too chewy--a myriad of issues. This one was definitely a huge improvement. The filling was especially good as again the salt cod had been carefully prepared and cooked or stewed somehow with veggies that I could see and taste, including peppers and cabbage. It was very good and freshly made. The pepper sauce they put on it was great too, the scotch bonnet flavor came through.

Overall the bakery itself is really welcoming, nicely appointed and renovated, with kind people working there (prob the owners?) The only thing lacking is seating. They have soup, daily food specials (I saw appetizing-looking meat, rice and veggies), a selection of teas, coffee and lots of cookies and good bread. I bought three big white bread rolls for $1.25, they kind of reminded me of portuguese style baked goods in that they are soft with some bite to them. The lady working the counter told me that while they are a Haitian bakery they incorporate lots of different Caribbean foods into their kitchen. I could see the guy cooking in the back and he just seemed like someone with genuine care and attention to food. If the Church Ave Q train was my train stop, I'd probably be grabbing coffee and bakes here a few times a week.

The address is 1917A church ave, btw. Ocean and St. Paul's Place.
It's literally next door to Ram's, so you can stop there too for a roti. I ended up getting some fishcakes and an aloo pie at Ram's and was way too full after the patties and the bake. Ooops!

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the heads up! I love the patties at Immaculee Bakery but it is not a convenient location for me. Church Ave is much better! Also excited about the codfish bake. Love the *idea* of codfish bake but it is usually too salty. Do you know the hours and if they are open on Sundays?

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      I am not sure about the hours. Call them to ask-- 718-282-2456. I told the lady that I was going to post their info on Chowhound. She said that they start cooking/baking at 5am so I imagine they open fairly early. Also, she told me that they do catering and make mini-patties that you can order ahead.

      The codfish bake was very good at 3:00 in the afternoon --definitely not too salty--and I imagine they are great when the bun part of the bake is fresh first thing in the AM.

    2. Sounds great. Is Church Avenue Bakery the name?
      I'd like to bookmark it on yelp so I can remember to go there someday

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      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        I was wondering too. Looks as if this place was once called La Baguette Shop ...

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          interesting. I don't remember what was there before. They gave me a card and "Church Avenue Bakery" is what was on it.

      2. So I got a chance to stop by Church Avenue Bakery this morning. They are super nice in there! I tried a beef patty, a spinach patty, and a codfish bake with pepper sauce. On an absolute scale, I think I prefer the patties at Immaculee. The pastry crust is crispier and the fillings are zestier. I thought both the beef and the spinach fillings at Church Ave could have used a little more pep. On the other hand, the ratio between filling and crust was quite good. I often think that the patties at Immaculee could use a little more filling. Still, the Church Ave. patties were pretty good, and they are a lot closer than Immaculee. I like Haitian patties better than Jamaican patties overall. Now the codfish bake was excellent! The codfish tasted very fresh, was not too salty, and had lots of cabbage and carrot in it, which gave it some sweetness to counteract the salt. The fried bake was also very good -- not too greasy and it also had a touch of sweetness. You can get the codfish in coconut bake as well, which I might try next time. This was just about the best codfish I've had around here. Based on this experience, I will definitely be coming back for more codfish! I bet the codfish patties are pretty good, too.

        I also asked for their hours. They open at 7 AM and close at 8 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays and 9 PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 5 PM on Saturdays. I forgot to ask, but they are probably closed on Sundays.

        1. Went to Church St. Bakery a week ago Saturday and had a delicious (though very mildly spiced) beef pattie. They said that they made cocktail patties but you had to order in person as they wanted a deposit. So we went back yesterday around noon to put in an order for next Sunday. They were completely shuttered even though the door said they were open 10-5. Called them around 2 PM and got a message that the phone was disconnected. I hope they haven't failed already. It was a very nice place with sweet people.

          BTW also went to Immaculee II that Saturday. Found the patties greasy and with less meat to dough ratio.

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            Yup, Church Avenue Bakery is still open, although the phone is disconnected:


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              Nice to know. But they were closed last Sunday. Perhaps they are not open Sunday despite the sign on their door saying otherwise.