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Dec 11, 2009 09:31 AM

How do you keep cheesecake lollipops from falling apart at room temperature?

I am making cheesecake lollipops for Christmas and I have read quite a few posts that they should be stored in the freezer of they thaw and start falling apart. The base is basically cheesecake with no crust and then is dipped in chocolate and covered with toppings. Kind of a similar concept to oreo truffles, which work great on sticks and make a great presentation. Is there anyway to keep my cheesecake lollies from falling apart? It is inevitable that they may sit at room temperature, even if I store them in the freezer right before serving, people may not eat them right away. The sticks really make a great presentation, so I definitely want to do them this way. Would leaving the crust on before shaping into balls be better? Most of the recipes call for crustless cheesecake.......Any suggestions?

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  1. What recipe are you using?

    It's a baked cheesecake, correct? I would choose a very dense recipe (little/no cream and/or little/no sour cream), prepared in such a way that very little air is incorporated into the batter.

    Structurally, I would think the ideal shape would be a column with the stick going down the center- almost to the edge of the cake. Making smaller lollipops would give them structural strength as well.

    It's pretty labor intensive, but tempered chocolate would probably add some rigidity also.

    1. Another option is to play with your serving technique. I would take a large platter with sides, line it with ice cubes (probably crushed a bit) and put a smaller platter on top, then put the lollipops on that. The cold platter should help keep your lollipops intact.

      1. Sit the pops face down with the stick pointing upward and house the pops inside a pretty muffin tin paper. Place the entire pop tray over a bowl that has ice cubes in it and serve cold. We make cheesecake pops in squares & triangles often and the muffin tin papers are a godsend, keeping them cold during service the best tip.

        1. i'm confused why they melt? cheesecake is stable at room temp for hours and coated in chocolate it should be even moreso. unless you start with frozen ones and then they are allowed to thaw?

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            OP asked about freezing them above, hotoynoodle.

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              sorry, the typos were a challenge to my fried brains. why not make and freeze the cheesecake, shaped into balls, then thaw and coat with chocolate day of service? chocolate doesn't freeze all that well but cheesecake freezes beautifully.

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                I'm not sure the OP understands the best way to store cheesecake lollipops and is asking for help. A great primer is: