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Dec 11, 2009 09:26 AM

Thanksgiving: the bitter end

Well, it's not bitter at all. It's yummy if the taddest bit sad to see it come to an end... Why don't I do a full turkey dinner more often???

Just now I'm making egg noodles to add to the last bit of turkey stock. And in my fridge I have the remnants of last night's turkey pot pie. Had to go to TJs to get some of their gravy for the pot pie but used up from my freezer the last round of pastry that didn't get used for a Thanksgiving pie.

Two full weeks after T-day. Bet I'm the last still noshing from the bird!

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  1. Nope, you're not..I had pulled turkey BBQ this week and the last bit is in the freezer, along with a piece of a breast for another time. Guess what someone gave me today? That's right, another turkey (lol)....

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    1. re: Cherylptw

      I actually found a second bird left over (completely frozen and never unwrapped) in our other freezer when I was storing some of my pre-T-day do-aheads.

      We're having roast beef for Christmas and we'll be away the week before but I'm planning another turkey dinner in Jan when things settle down a little bit. Good thing! I never got around to turkey salad with our T-day bird.

      It's such a great meal/s with as much everything-but-the-oink as you can get for the amount of effort that goes into preparation. ...especially when you're not committed to doing the 6 sides and 3 desserts and everything from scratch thing. ;>

      1. re: rainey

        I also had a whole frozen 5 lb. turkey breast that I bought back in the spring, still in the wrapper & at the bottom of the freezer..I'll be putting it on the grill next month...

    2. I have about 4 quarts of turkey vegetable soup in my freezer-I made 10 quarts after Thanksgiving. That's right-6 quarts downed already.
      Why don't I make turkey soup more often? So good!

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      1. re: monavano

        Have you tried fresh egg noodles? Or dumplings? Raises that homemade turkey stock and veggies to the level of actual stick-to-your-ribs bliss!

        1. re: rainey

          Hi rainey-I made SOOOOOOO much soup that I decided to add starches a la minute. Fresh egg noodles would be over the top! They are so comforting!

      2. You're not alone. I have pulled out all the turkey meat into bite size and used saran wrap and wrap it up into little portions and freeze. Not planning to make anything out of it. I'll just throw in a portion or two when I make soup, ramen, pasta...

        Still haven't tackled the turkey backbone.

        1. +1 :) I still have a ton of turkey frozen for snacking which we do every year. I served an 18lb for our 9 guests and my sis made an extra 16lb for leftovers so its a good thing we love turkey LOL.

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          1. re: stephle

            steph, do you freeze your cooked turkey meat in broth or just bare? Hoping to make a big turkey for New Year's but last time I froze turkey meat, it didn't thaw out too nicely...I froze it bare but wrapped in foil of course. Thanks!