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Dec 11, 2009 09:07 AM

Free range eggs at Costco (Vancouver)?

I need about 6 dozen eggs and I wanted to know if the Costco in downtown Vancouver sells free range eggs in those large egg flats.

I don't have a membership and don't want to drag a friend with one there unless I know for sure.

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  1. Haven't seen them there, especially in the flats.

    1. We sell organic, grass-fed beef and free-range eggs on our farm:

      It's about an hour east of Vancouver, BC.

      1. They had them in the Richmond costco 2 days ago. Not the large flats, but smaller ones (2 dozen per). Good value tho.

        1. I've seen the organic free range eggs in flats in the downtown Costco recently, although it may be a little difficult getting in there while the Olympics are on.

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            Was at the downtown Costco on Sunday morning...once we figured out how to get into parking (only Beatty entrance is open and you can only access it Northbound) it was a cinch. There were only a handful of cars parked in the parking lot and just a few people in the store. Best Costco experience ever! No line ups for cash. Samples galore! No lookie loos blocking the whole cheese fridge. Clothing section was fully entact. Wish everyday was an Olympic costco shopping day.