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Dec 11, 2009 09:07 AM

Red Sauce Restaurant Howard Beach Area Rec Needed

My wife and I have to take a young couple to dinner next week in the Howard Beach area, Cross Bay Blvd., or around and need a rec for a good red sauce restaurant. Cost no object.


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  1. I've been very impressed by recent visits to Lenny's Clam Bar. The seafood marinara over linguine is great and the portion size is huge (enough for at least two meals). Nice raw bar selection as well.

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    1. re: queenseats

      Thanks. I don't eat seafood (my wife does) do they have something for landlubbers?

      1. re: Stuartmc910

        While I haven't sampled their non-seafood options, there are many. Can check out their menu here:

    2. LaVilla - on the other side of the belt parkway or La Nora on Crossbay.

      1. Isnt Don Pepe over there somewhere?

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        1. re: NYJewboy

          Thanks for the last two recs. After looking over the menu we settled on Lennys.

        2. The newbie on the block is Vetro ... menu and reviews look good.

          Vetro -->

          1. Undoubtedly Vetro if you're looking for a real fine dining experience. It's new but off to a great start. Otherwise La Villa's a good restaurant if you want a more casual thing. You mentioned cost is no object which would give the impression you want something like Vetro but the funny thing is their prices are even more reasonable than some others mentioned here like LaNora and even some of the LaVilla entrees. It's definitely the best place around. Vetro's wine list gets a real good rating as well.

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              Thanks again to all who posted. We told the couple about Lenny's and they're OK with it. They've never eaten there and would like to, so I guess it's a done deal.

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                across the street from Russo's on the bay is Carrosellos(probably spelled wrong) they have a nice menu of fish and land lovers and italian dishes they also have parking in the rear (valet)