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Dec 11, 2009 08:44 AM

best in-store beer selections?

I'm in search of great beers to drink at home. I've been making my way through the selection at the Fromagerie Atwater, but am wondering if anybody else in town has a selection of micro-breweries like they do. I'd be up for places with a similar stock, but different hours or locale?

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  1. See the following thread and the threads linked to therein.

    Which store has the best beer selection in Mtl?

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    1. re: carswell

      Thanks carswell, did a quick search for that thread and couldn't find it...

    2. Le Paradis de la Bière
      151 Laurier ouest, Montréal

      Depan Express
      1570 Rue Fleury Est, Montreal, QC H2C,

      Metro Joannette
      349 rue de l'Eglise Verdun

      Dépanneur Le Grand Duc
      1330, Maple
      Longueuil, Qc
      J4J 4N9

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      1. re: MartinSLR

        I second the Paradis de la Biere ! I went there recently for the first time and was amazed by all the Quebecois beer they offered. They even carried my favourite mico brewery Les Trois Mousquetaires!

      2. I often make a trip to these two places for Quebec micro-brews:

        Le marché des saveurs (
        )in the Jean-Talon Market
        Les délires du terroir (
        )at 6406 St-Hubert

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        1. re: pinkatronica

          I'm going to be in Montreal this weekend and would love to pick up some local micros, particularly those from Dieu du Ciel. I seem to remember the prices at the Marche des Saveurs in JTM to be rather expensive. Is there any good place for picking up six packs of their beers at reasonable prices? (Same goes for other Quebec beers, like St. Ambroise and the such.)

          1. re: lambretta76

            Super Marché Rahman,151 Laurier Avenue Ouest, is a few block from DDC, and got a good Quebec micro selection.

            1. re: vanierstudent

              That is the Mile End "Paradis de la bière". There is another "Paradis de la bière dep in Petite-Patrie, on Beaubien near de Lanaudière. Le Paradis de la Bière | 1349, Beaubien E. | 514.272.3632 The owner is very nice.

              Dépanneur Peluso is ver oddly located, in a sullen stretch at the very end of the Plateau... I'll definitely go there for a look, before winter sets in.

        2. If you live in the area, the metro on de l'eglise 1 block north of wellington carries a nice selection of beer.

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          1. re: hala

            There the Depaneur Peluso, 2500 Rachel est ( Iberville) in Montréal....every microbrasseries beers are there: Dieu du ciel, les brasseurs de montreal,la barberie...there's even someone to give you tips....very nice place!

            1. re: mangeonsca

              I agree with Depaneur Peluso. An incredible selection and often have some on sale. Really doesn't look like much from the outside but I'd say 75% of the store is beer!

          2. I think this place is brand new, and, sadly, I don't remember the name, but there's a dep on St. Laurent between Rachel and Duluth (right near the Cafe Pi, can't remember what it replaced -- maybe that closed bronzage place...?) that sells Dieu du Ciel, Simple Malt sampler packs (drinking their bizarrely strong altbier right now), several other QC micros I'm not familiar with. The opposite end of the spectrum is represented as well, as there were some big orange "$5.99" stickers on six-packs of PBR. Seems like they've got a standardly-sized cigarette rack, and random junky dep foods like dry pasta and oreos. Anyone remember the name of this place? It was a longer name, had "unique" in the title I think. Might pop by again tomorrow to take a picture. The facade looked really cleaned up, if not new, and the winows are all new and tall like an Apple Store or something. You can't miss it.

            Cafe Pi
            4127 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1Y7, CA