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Dec 11, 2009 08:37 AM

Lunch in Newtown Square/Springfield area

Hello all -
Looking for a recommendation for banquet luncheon for approx 25 people in the Newtown Square/Springfield area. Want something elegant and delicious, with a very nice private room.


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  1. OK - I am replying to my post, as someone told me yesterday about a place in that area... the Newtown Grill on Rt 252, just south of Rt 3... have not been there, know nothing about it. Does anyone have any feedback regarding this place for a luncheon?

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    1. re: CucinadiNana

      Drove by it a zillion times but never went...however, I always enjoyed meals at Trattoria Giuseppe. I'm not positive but think they have a private room, worth looking for a website or giving them a call, if you like Italian.

      1. re: lauracohenromano

        Hi Laura,
        Will check into Trattoria G. - do you know the address?

        1. re: CucinadiNana

          I'm sorry, I don't, you can google it....but when you drive into the plaza where the Regal Edgmont movie theater is, if you're facing the theater it's way to the left . Behind where a sports bar and Thai/Indian place, and a wine shop, are. That may sound confusing but it will make sense when you're at that plaza.