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Dec 11, 2009 08:07 AM

Ethiopian Food in NYC? Preferably Manhattan?

What is the best restaurant with Ethiopian food? I just watched After Hours with Daniel featuring Marcus Samuelsson @ Aquavit (what an awesome show!) and he said that Ghenet was his favorite Ethiopian restaurant. I wanted to go but I found that the location he visited on Mulberry & Houston had since closed and they are now only in Brooklyn. I don't mean to be a snob, but I'd like to stay in Manhattan if there are better options!


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  1. I like Queen of Sheba, on 10th avenue near 47th (might be 46th..). The service can be a bit slow, but the food is delicious and reasonable for midtown. Often crowded on weekends.

    1. Be sure to try Zoma on 113th and Fredrick Douglass - its a bit of a trek if you live downtown but worth it. I fell in love with Ethiopian a couple years ago and have tried most of the places in the city. Zoma is still my favorite. The staff is friendly and helpful, the food is delicious, and the atmosphere is modern (in comparison to the touristy feel of some others.)

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        Zoma is quite nice, I agree; great flavors, great staff.

        My meal at Meskerem (west side although I've had it also downtown) recently was so-so; bored of Queen of Sheba and bored of the other places as well.

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          I third Zoma . . . it is THE best ethiopian I have ever had. I go there at LEAST 1X per month and always order the following: atakilt wett, doro tibs, zoma tibs, fassolia and gomen be siga

          I know that is a TON of food but it is just so worth it . . and excellent.

          I eat like a king and am treated very well. You can BYOB too which is great since their wine is forgettable (although I prefer beer with Ethiopian).

          Cannot recommend this food enough. The atmosphere is nice and neighborhoody. Modern and minimalist. The owner is ALWAYS behind the bar and ready to greet you with a smile each visit.

        2. Ghenet on Mulberry had been my favorite Ethiopian spot in Manhattan so I was very disappointed when they closed. This weekend I checked out the one in Park Slope and it was great. Beautiful decor, much more cozy and sleek than the Manhattan branch had been. We tried the tuna tartare appetizer and shared the vegetarian combo platter. The veggies were very fresh and delicious, nicely spiced. I also enjoyed the Ethiopian spiced tea (hot), which was great on a cold, rainy night. I believe that it's worth the trek to Brooklyn. My last meals at Queen of Sheba have been disappointing and have not been back to Awash or Zoma for a while.

          1. ...Ghenet's closed?

            Frak me. Well at least there's still Awash on 6th Street.

            1. Ghenet is definitely the best. I too, was disappointed that the SoHo location closed, but the Brooklyn spot is very conveniently located by the R train at Union Street. And anyhow, isn't everyone moving to Brooklyn now? Uptown, there's another Awash as well, on Amsterdam near 106th Street.