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Dec 11, 2009 07:39 AM

Gilead Cafe serving dinner in new year

You can soon get Jamie Kennedy for dinner again. I attended one of his local food and wine events and one of the servers indicated that the restaurant will be opening for dinners in the new year. Not the best for ambiance, but thankfully his dinner is back.


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    1. Dinner service will be running Tues-Sat, with the first one on Thu Jan 7th. $20 corkage fee, for those who like that sort of thing.

      And there will be Sunday brunch as well, starting on Jan 10th.

        1. I went to Gilead once for brunch and it was a smallish place 6-7 tables in cafeteria self-serve style (you order and pay your food at the counter and then find a table). Is the dinner service going to be full service?

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          1. re: syoung

            Definitely a small and odd place for dinner. Maybe more diner-style? I dunno.. works for breakfast/lunch, but dinner's another beast...

            1. re: jlunar

              I had dinner there for Valentine's Day this past year and it was full table-service by waiters. There were probably 12-14 tables in the room and some of the tables were in front of the display cases (since these are not needed to be accessible during a dinner service as they are during their lunch hours). Overall it had a nice ambience, at least how they had set it up for Valentine's....

              1. re: georgebell11

                Just to add on to this - went to dinner here Friday and it was fantastic. We had pork belly and winter salad to start, then the chicken galantine and scallop dish for mains,w ith sides of scalloped potatoes and bok choy. Desserts were also outstanding. Only quibble was charging $3 for bread and butter. But, atmosphere is very nice, subdued lighting, probably can only seat 30-ish people in total, so it is very intimate. Highly recommend.

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                  Belated thanks for the review georgebell - have any of the other 'hounds tried dins at Gilead? We checked it out on Saturday evening after FINALLY trying Weezie's (which we really enjoyed) and the menu looks good. The place was hopping, I liked the vibe in there. Looks like they also have Sunday brunch (not sure if that's new).

                  1. re: peppermint pate

                    Had dinner there for the first time on Friday evening. The place was hopping. The vibe is reminiscent of Palmerston's in the '80's. Simple but inviting decor. The food was great. I especially liked the smoked pickerel starter. We were served a delicious amuse bouche of a tiny arrancini in a beet coulis. Duck as a main was perfectly cooked. The prices are very reasonable, though you need to order sides separately. Jamie's frites are available but are not on the menu - you have to ask for them. Will definitely return, but have a feeling that it will soon be mobbed.

          2. Just wanted to bump this post as I'll be taking my mom to Gilead Bistro this weekend for her birthday.

            Any other recent dinner experiences from fellow hounds? What dishes are must-try?

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            1. re: team_eater

              Actually just ate here last night and it was terrific. Standout dishes, for sure the chicken main is fantastic, and you should certainly share the potato gratin for the table.

              1. re: childofthestorm

                Went a few weeks ago and also enjoyed the chicken - it actually tasted like a real, juicy chicken. The beef brisket was good too - the accompanying sauce had just the right amount of smokey, spicy BBQ kick.

                For starters, we got the pate - an ample slice that unfortunately didn't come with enough of their very tasty pickled vegetables.

              2. re: team_eater

                Ate there a few weeks ago with the wife and two other couples.

                It was excellent. My favourite dish of the night was the pork belly.

                It has a really nice relaxed atmosphere.


                1. re: team_eater

                  Had dinner there last night with my wife. I had the "vitello tonnato" and brisket; my wife had a tomato salad and the pork. We had a bottle of the NTC Cab Franc with dinner and the meal came to $130 with tax. Overall the meal was excellent. The highlights: the vitello tonnato was very flavourful and the accompanying sauces worked well with the flavour of the whitefish; the brisket was very tender and the cornbread and sauce were very tasty; the pork was the nicest we've both had in quite some time and it was cooked perfectly.

                  We had to skip dessert to make it to a concert, but we'll definitely return to try them out.