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Dec 11, 2009 07:16 AM

Tucson - Mexican Bakeries and Tortillas

We used to stock up on flour tortillas and mexican pasteries in Nogales at Christmas every year. Now mom is not so excited about crossing the border. I'm looking for flour tortillas made with lard, super thin and flakey. Also some really good pasteries, especially the gingerbread flavored, pig shaped ones. We'll be staying at Broadway and Kolb, usually the wrong side of town for the best mexican food. I'm willing to travel for the best places, but any suggestions for close to where I'm staying would be extra great.

I tried to search the board for Tucson and tortillas and could only get results of Tucson or tortillas. Any search tips fo me?

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  1. St. Marys tortilla factory on west Speedway, west of I-10, the best. The Food City and the new El Super both on South 6th and I-10 have big panderias. There is a dynamite carceneria on 22nd between Alvernon & Columbus kind of caddy-corner across from Fry's that has it's own panderia for the piggies and they make the best polveronies. If you have the time try LeCaves bakery on s. 6th just south of 22nd for the best glazed doughnuts on the planet. Mom is right things arent going so good on the other side.

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      Ditto for St Marys tortillas. I usually stock up and get enough to freeze some. I just typed in St Marys Tortillas (aka St Marys mexican food) and find it mentioned on several threads. A little searching through some of those might turn up some other good spots - hmmm, I think that I'll do that myself. Enjoy. The border situation is sad and painful. An interesting memoir of life in Nogales is "Capirotada", which is also a Lenten dessert,,,

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        Thank you thank you both!! Exactly the info I was looking for. I will report back after the trip.

    2. Thanks for all the tips! We had a pleasant day driving around sampling tortillas and pastries. In the end the clear winner in the tortilla category was the Mexico Lindo tortillas from the grocery of the same name (I think). I can get directions from mom if anyone is interested. Lovely, flakey texture with a slight char taste - just like the ones we used to get in Mexico, so it's no surprise that these are actually made there and imported. St. Marys was the runner up - nice and thin, but missing the char flavor and the flakiness. Also bought some tamales at St. Mary's but we had so much food already that they went straight into the freezer and I haven't tried them yet. No other tortillas came close enough to even mention.
      LeCaves was great. I'm not much of a donut person but their vegetable glazed donuts are very good. They also have fruit filled empanadas that are really tasty and have the best empanada crust I've ever had. Next time I will stock up on the mango and pineapple to put in the freezer. Sadly they don't make any cochitos (piggies). Didn't really find any good cochitos, guess I'll have to wait for things to improve in Nogales for that.