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Dec 11, 2009 07:08 AM

Devries Chocolate [Denver]

What happened to him?! His website is non-functional and I'm not finding any news... I thought I'd ping you guys on this board to see if anyone knew...

*sniff* his chocolate was phenomenally good.

--- -- food. is. love.

Steven DeVries Chocolate Maker
3153 Larimer St, Denver, CO

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  1. He's still working, he came to Dallas a month or two ago for a tasting. But he hasn't had anything for sale on his website for quite a while. He may have stopped selling retail, I'm not really sure. He didn't bring anything to sell, just samples and he was somewhat mysterious about his intentions.

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    1. re: luniz

      Buuuh. That's a bummer. I sent him an email a couple weeks ago and didn't hear anything back, so I don't know if the email is still in use or not. I thought he might have gotten out of the biz. Good to hear that he's still about.

      Now if only I could get some of his Dominican...

      thanks for the update Luniz!

      1. re: jlunar

        I too have been looking for Steve. I was with him in Costa Rica a few years back and we spoke quite a few times. There was some illness in his family and although I kept emailing and sending messages with friends, he never responded. His site said it would be closed for a few months, but it turned into years!
        Just a few days ago I went to his site and it was permanently down, but the BIG surprise was that a new Steve Devries site was up and it was the most God awful pink website I have ever seen and it had nothing to do with Devries of the past. It was not even about his chocolate at all, it was about M & M's and all the shit stuff. I kept going back and forth thinking I had made a mistake. It was a real bummer to see him sell out. I am still bummed about it.

        1. re: soliz

          I think that this was maybe that he let his domain expire and some squatter picked it up. Since the site's been around for a while, it'll have some weight and traffic, and squatters loooove that.

          Just a guess though.

          1. re: jlunar

            I hope that is it. I could not imagine Steve having a site like that. And I can not imagine him not being in the business of cacao. I hope he surfaces soon.

            1. re: soliz

              me too! I miss his chocolate.

          2. re: soliz

            He didn't 'sell out'. To the best of my knowledge, his mother is in the middle of a terminal illness, and he has had to halt production for a while. His website domain expired after awhile, and got taken over by squatters, as jlunar said. It may be a long time, but I'm sure he will eventually come back. In the meantime, try Escazu and Rogue Chocolatier - they are not in any way facsimiles, but they are similar, and wonderful in their own way.

            1. re: j_brodu

              Hey Steve, if you read this, we are thinking of you. Best , Solis
              .You have my email address...

      2. UPDATE: DeVries Chocolate's site seems to be functional again. He still has not updated it from a short online store closure on 7/25/08, but he seems to have reinstated the site. -

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        1. re: j_brodu

          I'm glad he got it back! It's always a pain to get domains back from squatters w/o paying through the nose.

        2. The original comment has been removed