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Dec 11, 2009 06:29 AM

Foodie things to buy in Hong Kong?

I am going to Hong Kong next week and want to bring back some small batch soy sauce and other goodies. Can people recommend a good food shopping market in Hong Kong and particular food things to seek out to bring home? I am interested in high quality small batch things that you can’t find in the states. Kowloon Soy sauce is already on my list.

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  1. I was going to suggest Chinese sausages (especially duck-liver ones) from Fu Sing restaurant, Wanchai, but not sure if you'd want to risk that past US Customs.

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      where can I buy sichuan peppers in hk

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        Try looking for them in the larger stores of either ParknShop or Wellcome, the 2 largest supermarket chains in HK. In the unlikely event that you can't find them there, go to one of the many Chinese herbal shops around & ask for hua jiao (花椒) - your hotel concierge should be able to direct you to one nearby.

        Or try city'super as mentioned by Charles Yu below. Store locations can be found from this website:

        The HK retail scene is dominated by two conglomerates: Hutchson Whampoa which runs Watsons personal/healthcare stores & ParknShop supermarkets; and its rival Jardine Matheson which runs Mannings personal/healthcare stores & Wellcome supermarkets. Between them, they've pretty much cornered the whole chain retail scene.

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        Thinking of getting a box of century eggs from Yung Kee but I find them a tad expensive. Any cheaper recommendation?

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          Visit any good supermarket such as City Super and look for the 'Taiwanese non-lead SOFT YOLK century eggs'.

      3. Head down to 'City Super' in Causeway Bay's Time Square.

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          Charles can I ask a related question about City Super? I was in the branch at IFC a few months back. I was astounded at the prices for everything, not just the Japanese and European imports which seemed to predominate. And I am from New York as you know, so used to high food costs. Do you think it was just this branch, or this chain, that is super-costly, or are all the major supermarkets on the same level as far as pricing?

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            Howdee Erica!! How are things with you after our HK chowmeet?

            Interesting question?! I guess shopping in City Super rather than your run of the mill supermarket like Parknshop is like your shopping at Dean & DeLuca in NYC rather than your local Safeways?! Simply higher end store carrying better name brand products. I found overall, 'foreign' goods in HK definitely receive a huge mark up as compared to otherplaces. May be its the 'airfreight'? Chinese do like ultra fresh products!. For example, a big 'doughnut peach' from California would set you back by about US$3 EACH, almost anywhere in HK, whilst its only costing us about the same money 'per pound' here in North America.

            Then again, this sort of thing happens elsewhere as well. For example, San Danielle ham bought from say Fouchon in Paris will cost at least 30% more compares to say shopping for the same product in Carrefour?!

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              Howdy to you, Charles! I am slowly working my way through the reports of my trip; probably will get to HK in three months! (Slow going, I am afraid!) Hope we can do another chowmeet someday very soon!! Thanks for the response on the markets; that is exactly what the place appeared to be--an upscale Dean & de Luca. But it was quite crowded with people pushing well-filled carts!! Too pricey for me, especially since I had just arrived from Shanghai!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                There are a few more things to this.

                (1) High cost of rent -- City super is quite large in the IFC, dean and deluca is tiny relatively speaking. As such the rent in the IFC is quite high which is obviously passed onto the consumer. The equivalent in NYC would perhaps be a supermarket in the middle of bergdorf goodman's or next door to Barney's. Also, real estate prices in HK are higher than in NYC (thanks to the chinese mainlanders......arrggg arrggg arrggg).

                (2) high oil prices -- you're right. Everything is imported freshly. that costs money ... more so now.

                (3) The US dollar has been clobbered which means american tourists are taking it up the arse when they travel abroad and everything is more expensive in general.

                1. re: Hot Chocolate

                  Whoever could have even imagined 20 years ago or so that Chinese mainlanders would have that effect on HK real estate prices?

                  1. re: buttertart

                    Well the press in Asia is heavily censored ...

                    but yea...i was at the races last night and there were some chinese mainlanders trying to bet on the races in renminbi but the track wouldn't accept the foreign currency.

                    Also, just to give you an idea of the kind of wealth they have amassed (stolen???), the Chinese Indonesians have parked $40 billion in Singapore. Chances are if you're renting an apartment in Singapore your landlord is Indonesia.