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Dec 11, 2009 03:57 AM

What is your Christmas Meal Main Entree?

I know some people who do turkey again (really??), for so many years growing up my mom made an amazing Crown Pork Roast with an Apple Sausage Stuffing. The past few has been a simple, elegant Marinated Filet of Beef Tenderloin (recipe on my blog)
I'm curious what other Chowhounds make as "the main event"...(recipes welcomed)

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    1. re: care11

      A Full Prime/Standing Rib Roast slow roasted @ 225*.....also a Full Rack of Pork slow roasted @ 225* as well.

    2. We do Entrees since variety is the spice of life.

      Thanksgiving was a Thai themed event this year and we haven’t decided about Christmas yet but I am leaning towards

      Goat (if I can sneak it in by my wife – we used to have milking goats and since then she hasn’t been very happy about eating poor old Mille.) If the goat gets nixed it will probably be lamb.

      1. In the past we have done beef wellington, paella, cornish game hens, standing rib etc...

        This year we're going to have rack of lamb with a coarse grain mustard and herbed crust and red wine reduction.

        1. I'm leaning towards ham, although prime rib is not out of the question either.

          1. The main most one? ~~~ A Double Smoked Ham