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Dec 11, 2009 03:49 AM

Dexter season finale menu, thoughts?

Hello, Dexter fans

For the season finale of Dexter I would like to make a special dinner. Since there are only going to be four of us, I am not going to make a ton of stuff. But would like to do a dinner then an appetizer or snack for the show itself.

So far, I was testing out the idea of a "blood" red theme: Manicotti with tomato sauce, a pitcher of Cosmos... for dessert a strawberry charlotte, lined with, of course, ladyfingers, served with a red strawberry sauce.

But I am a little disappointed in my creativity. Considering Dexter is set in Miami I would rather make something a little more exotic/Cuban perhaps? But I don't have any recipes for that in my standard repertoire... Maybe I should make something "gorier" as befits John Lithgow (I thought perhaps a dish using the "trinity" of celery, pepper and onion, but maybe that is way too subtle?)... Also need help with a snack for the show...

Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. How about a gulf fish baked in parchment and fold the parchment up so it looks like a coffin? You can serve with a tomato & blood orange salsa.

    Or crown roast of pork or lamb with the bones frenched (I love, but it does look rather festively gorey), with a sauce of rum & cherries? cranberries? pomegranite? reduced to a pleasantly viscous thickness.

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      Great ideas weezy! I love the idea of serving bones. I have a butcher that can French a couple racks of lamb for a roast, those would look great!

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        What? No Cuban pork sandwiches? They're mentioned quite frequently in the show. In the show's opening, Dexter relishes eggs, ham and blood oranges. I would incorporate at least some of these items into your menu, if possible. There have been a couple of episodes where characters are bashing stone crab claws with little hammers. You could duplicate that with whatever crab (or even lobster) is available to you. How about oysters? You'd have to plunge a knife into them to release the shell. You could serve them with a homemade (and very bloody looking) cocktail sauce. I'd offer mojitos to drink, which are very Cuban. Finish off the meal with top quality doughnuts and coffee. For fun, you could place photos of all of your friends around a plastic-lined table, just to freak them out a bit. In fact, it would be funny if you served a baked ham and had a large, noisy electric knife for carving. Have fun!

      2. Dismembered chicken? Kind of like the ice truck killer kind of thing. Or cut up parts served in little parchement bags

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          Good ideas. I may go with frenched Lamb Chops with the bones, cranberry applesauce which has a bright red color...not sure on the rest yet...also not sure about the drink...

          But for the snack during the show, I got it... "Cereal Killer Bars" made with chocolate and cornflakes.

        2. Bloody Mary’s for cocktails?

          Check out Halloween recipes on the Web. Lots of really super ideas, like this one:

          You might not want to make chicken pot pie, but you could even serve these in lieu of a bread product or as a scoop for whatever you decide on for hors d’oeurves.

          Raspberry sauce (just as good with frozen raspberries as with fresh) on whatever desert you decide on. But I’d go with some chocolate cut into a coffin shape.

          This sounds like so much fun.

          1. Not food related, but decorating your dining area like a kill room would be sure to impress.

            1. Red velvet cake. You could shape it like one of those "body outlines" before icing then everyone could hack into it!

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