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The Big Smoke Barbecue - Oakville

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Has anyone been to this bbq place:


It is a real bbq place on Lakeshore in Bronte.

The menu looks good and apparently they have a Sunday brunch

Can't wait to try it.

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  1. Very nice, good find!

    I'm going today, I actually have something I need to do in the Trafalger road area so I'll just head southbound when I'm done. Anyone else want to meet up there?

    I'll be reporting back

    thanks for the post!

    1. Great, BBQ is like kryptonite to me, now I have to go to Oakville this weekend.

      Thanks a lot! ;-)

      Seriously, if this place is good, then the GTA is starting to build a decent assortment of competent BBQ places: Buster Rhinos, The Stockyards, Sweetsmoke, Lou Dawgs, etc.

      Nice to see, it wasn't long ago people were lamenting the absence of this. Seems like the normal habit of the GTA to take good simple food and try and put some sort of metropolitan upscale spin on it (see the burger bar craze), thus completely screwing it may be having no effect here. BBQ is hopefully, trend-proof.

      1. I was going to post about this place a week ago as I drove by it and it caught my attention. Glad you actually did post it though! The only hesitation I have about trying it is that I think the previous restaurant was called "Mixed Grill" and it got horrible reviews. I am not sure if this new spot is related at all to the old one. Looking forward to Duckdown's review as I work less than 10 minutes away from there.

        Sweet Smoke is pretty close to this new place too so for those out of towners, you could try to double up

        I just checked the menu on their website... Looks good! Prices might be a bit high if it is $9 for a pulled pork sandwich.

        Says they have a "Southern Pride" smoker which is usually a good sign that they are serious.

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        1. re: ylsf

          It's odd that they claim to use U.S.A. logs when they say they promote the use of local products. Could they be using imported chips, in an electric smoker? I'm sure DD will report on the smoke ring!

          1. re: ylsf

            No they are not at all affiliated with Mixed Grill.

            The Man and I hit up there after moving last month. It was DELISH!! I actually preffered it to Stockyards. The pork was nice and smoky, The ribs totally fell off the bone, delish! The chicken was perfectly cooked but not very smoky. Sides were awesome. We got 2 of the bbq for 2 deal so we tried all the sides (minus the fries as we were taking it away) The mac n cheese was and sweet potatoes were my fav!

            I really reccomend this place!!!

          2. I like the jazz on their website. Will check this place out. Thanks for the tip all :)

            1. Forget this place, they committed my #1 pet peeve.

              Today me and a friend headed all the way down there from Brampton, because the jackasses wrote on their website "Open Sunday!" and "Open for Sunday Brunch!"

              So as well pull up to the place, they have a big sign outside the restaurant even exclaiming "YES! We're open Sunday! Brunch from 12PM-2:30PM". We were there before 2PM. Not a car in sight, total ghost town. All lights are off, no note on the door, nothing.

              NOTHING that pisses me off more than restaurants that just "make up the hours as they go"

              If you say youre open Sundays, then BE OPEN.

              I'm never going back to this idiotic place unless someone says they've got the best BBQ in Ontario, because theres no shortage of other BBQ places that actually keep regular hours.


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              1. re: duckdown

                Oh man, that sucks about the hours and driving in from Brampton. I was waiting for your review to check it out myself but I guess I will head down one day this week at least for take out during lunch.

                Saw this review on their facebook site :

                "as born and raised in Lubbock Texas, so I know BBQ pretty well - and this is the REAL thing. The brisket is better than Sonny's in Dallas (way better) and so is the sauce. We'll be going back soon to try the pulled pork and ribs. Great atmosphere, great service and authentic southern BBQ - where's the 6 star rating when you really need one!?!"

                Looks like BBQ might be the new craze, a lot of new places opening up it seems..

                1. re: ylsf

                  Sounds highly suspect, every time I see a comment somewhere like "I'm from the south and this is better!!" or "I've had the best in (whereever) and this place is way better!!" it doesn't exactly instill tons of confidence.. usually it makes me think they know somebody there, or so on..

                  You're right about BBQ places sprouting up; I tried Blue Sage in Mississauga recently and was pretty disappointed with their ribs. I'm passing on this Big Smoke place until there are some other reviews.. This new "Smokin' Bones" downtown Toronto sounds interesting, but theres not gonna be any parking so I doubt I'll get there anytime soon


                  1. re: duckdown

                    Hey Duck.

                    Mrs. Sippi wants to try this place but we head down yonder on Friday. Gonna get the good stuff there. We'll give it a go in the new year.


                    1. re: Davwud

                      Sounds good man, definitely keep me posted.

                      Have fun down south, I'm sure it will be a blast

                      Merry Christmas!

                2. re: duckdown

                  they will claim they sold out the night before. Blech ! We tried 3x to dine before we found them open.
                  And I wasnt impressed! I wont return!

                3. anyone had a chance to check this place out?

                  1. this place is close to where I live so I plan to check it out..I don't consider myself a connoisseur of BBQ, but know good food. Should I base my review on ribs? or pulled pork? ..i know I'll taste both!

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                    1. re: burlgurl

                      Base your review on if you liked it or not. Pulled Pork and Ribs are both a great place to start. Don't worry about being a connoisseur - just if you like it or not. Ribs are either good, or they are not, same as pulled pork.

                      1. re: burlgurl

                        Being a connoisseur can have it's draw backs. Sometimes it's nice to go in with pretty much a blank slate and discover something. Lots of times it's best not to have a benchmark that you're looking to meet. You can miss out on some great stuff that way.


                      2. I went there for take out today at around 2:00pm. They have a lunch menu (I am not sure if all of the lunch/dinner/sunday brunch menus are up... I just saw the dinner menu before). Looks like they didn't offer ribs for lunch. I wanted the pulled pork so I ordered that anyway.

                        I got the pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw and it included a side order of fries (or a salad.. I got the fries). I also added a side of Mac and Cheese (for $3 I think).

                        My mini-review:

                        Staff/service: Friendly... The lady taking the order was pleasant and made small talk but they also had newspaper at the bar so I am sure she would have left me alone too if I wanted that. The chef delivered out the food in the takeout containers when it was ready.
                        Hard to judge on service since I got take out.

                        Food: All I can say is "wow" on the portion size! I don't know it is a normal serving size there but there was so much meat in that sandwich it could have filled two sandwiches.... My co-workers were like "what the heck, that is huge!"... I really enjoyed the flavour of the pulled pork. After my first bite I was like 'mmmmmmm" out loud.... The sauce is nice on it too. Since I had so much pulled pork I gave some to my co-workers to try and they really enjoyed the flavour of the meat. Now, I am by no means an expert (probably only had 10 pulled pork sandwiches in my life) but I would order it again for sure. The only thing that some people might not like was that it wasn't very "pulled"... i.e. there were some larger chunks but I really liked it that way.. I don't really like the texture if it is too stringy...

                        The side of fries was good. There was a good about of them too. I took some photos and I will upload them tomorrow probably but to be noted in the pictures was I ate half of the fries on my way back to the office.

                        The mac and cheese was also really good. I have never ordered mac and cheese at a restaurant before so I don't have any comparison but I enjoyed it.

                        Overall: I would like to say "highly recommend" but I don't want to get people's hopes up. But, I do recommond it. I will definitely go back but for me it is only a 10 minute drive from work. I definitely want to try the Sunday Brunch menu.. .Looks really good too based on the menu I looked at.

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                        1. re: ylsf

                          Nice review! regardless of you being an expert you were able to get across the point that you really like the product and you would go back. Perfect - and now you made me want to drive out to Oakville to give it a try as well - good job.

                          1. re: BusterRhino

                            I don't know, BR...I due to proximity have only been to your place once...and had the brisket sandwich and it would be pretty hard to beat....heading out your way next week as I have to take a shipment just north of you to Bloor St for a customer so looking forward to maybe a Pulled Pork and a Brisket sandwich...its Christmas so I will over do it...

                            1. re: ebay3392

                              Just for the record, one of the places that I have experienced their pulled pork sandwich was BRs. I can't do a direct comparison because they were "different" but I enjoyed my meal today and I had that same "wow" after the first bite as I did with BRs stuff... different style though. (i.e. a bit wetter at Big Smoke)...

                              I am curious to hear about Big Smokes other dishes though. (i.e. ribs, etc).

                              1. re: ylsf

                                Different is good, Southern BBQ is a very regional idea, there is no end all be all "THIS is Southern BBQ" place anywhere in the world. You can go to two restaurants across the street from each other in the south and you will get different pulled pork. In the end it always comes down to this "Did you enjoy your meal" if the answer is no, it doesn't mean it was bad Southern BBQ necessarily , it just means that flavour is not to your liking.

                          2. re: ylsf

                            Thanks! I am now thinking of going out there this weekend. Whats it look like inside?

                            1. re: hungryabbey

                              The decor is kind of "Montanas" style from what I recall... I didn't really take a close look but I recall a lot of wood... Nice wood bar, simple tables, etc. It was nice inside but I was just there for take out so I didn't look around much. There are a lot of tables so I imagine on a crowded night it could get loud since it is very open. I will have to go back to try dine-in one day

                            2. re: ylsf

                              Nice, ylsf.. now you're making me think of actually driving all the way back here to try it again :/

                              Well written, thanks for the honest opinion... I have to admit I am in Oakville quite a bit actually.. Maybe I'll check it out on a friday or saturday.

                              merry christmas!

                              1. re: ylsf

                                My pics finally. As I mentioned in the review, I ate most of the fries on the way home. I had a co-worker take a pic of me holding it so you could get some idea of the size of the thing.. (yes, she laughed at me..... but, oh well :) )... The 3rd pic if the mac and cheese pic.

                                1. re: ylsf

                                  That's some nice looking bark. Food looks nice! Will for sure check it out.

                              2. I'd like to know when the ribs are actually available.. Like what time is best to visit

                                1. Always looking for some good comfort food, read that... BBQ, I was happy to hear of another option opening in Oakville. Although some have really raved about Sweetsmoke, although I found it decent, the pulled pork never quite did it for me. Found their version to have a bit too much orange essence to it.

                                  Well today, I think I found my regular pulled pork supplier. Big Smoke is found on Lakeshore Road, just east of Nelson (east of Bronte). It's an unusual configuration... very long and narrow. (Maybe a Ponderosa at one time?) Anyway, the inside is comfortably decorated, nothing distinctive but done in muted taupe tones with hard wood banquettes and decent chairs.

                                  As mentioned, I tried the pulled pork and loved it. It had the right amount of fatiness and was so tender that it nearly melted in my mouth. The sauce was great too! A good BBQ sauce with hints of smoke, celery seed and a tinge of sweetness. Served with a bit of vinaigrette cole slow on top and a really fresh bun topped with sesame and poppy seeds. Great!! Chose the caesar on the side and it was excellent too! Nice spiced with garlic and a hint of anchove, served with fresh croutons and shaved paremsan slices. Really good.

                                  My SO had the warm smoked salmon sandwich which she thoroughly enjoyed too! Can hardly wait to go back and try the ribs.

                                  I know that I've found a new local favourite.

                                  P.S. Check the hours before you go. We arrived at about 2:50 for a late lunch and they said that typically the kitchen is closed between 3 and 5 to prepare for dinner. However, they said accomodating us would not be a problem... and they did!

                                  1. OK, me being the BBQ fanatic I am, I went here AGAIN tonight. Arrived around 8-something PM

                                    Luckily, they were open this time :)

                                    A few people drinking at the bars, a couple tables full, and an old couple leaving the place as I arrived. I was actually a little discouraged when I entered because there was NO aroma of smoke at all, usually a very bad sign for a BBQ place. Might have just been well ventilated, or nothing had been smoked for a long time in the place.

                                    Well, I checked the menu, and was about to order both a full rack of ribs & a pulled pork sandwich to split with my brother, but was unfortunately informed that NONE of their dishes come with any sides. Everything is a la carte. What this means, is that a pulled pork sandwich is $9, a rack of side ribs is $22, and then you're still adding $3 for fries, $3 for a mac & cheese, and so on.. Needless to say it sounded way too expensive for all of that so I just did a pulled pork sandwich and fries and a mac & cheese (way too much food for one person, i know, but i wanted to try them all)

                                    The fries - really good. Clearly fresh cut, like Caplanskys, but a little thicker and not as well done. Same kosher or sea salting on it, peanut oil I think, an excellent fry. Pretty much as good as it gets for a restaurant

                                    The mac & cheese - Quite good actually. Alot more flavor than Southern RUBs (although thats not saying much), it also has finely diced chives mixed in with the cheese mixture, and is topped with panko breadcrumbs. Actually a pretty good deal for only $3, considering it's pretty rich. I didn't come close to finishing it all

                                    The sandwich - Actually, this was really quite good too. Visible pinkness on the edges of the pork, some nice pieces of bark and rub included, and lightly sauced. The minor gripe with the sandwich, is that there wasn't enough sauce on it for the parts of the sandwich that didn't have the smoke ring or bark and was just grey pork. This happens with pulled pork all the time but it can be very bland if not sauced in those areas. The sandwich bun was somewhat stale, but not that big of a deal. It's topped with a little bit of vinegared (not creamy) coleslaw. Also a pretty hefty sandwich, I have no problem paying the $9 for this sandwich because it's a good size.

                                    So all this being said.. the verdict? Expensive, but good. I'm glad I gave it another shot after them being closed on my first visit, but given how cheap a rack of side ribs is (8 bucks or something) to charge $22 with NO sides seems ridiculous to me.

                                    At Buster's you get a full rack and a large side for $15 on Monday. At Southern RUB, you get a full rack and TWO sides for $21.99. At Memphis BBQ in Woodbridge, you get a Full rack, AND a full pound of smoked wings, AND a large side all for $25 on Monday nights.

                                    If they change the rib deal to include a side or two, I'd be back to try them for sure.

                                    Thanks for the heads up on this one.


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                                    1. re: duckdown

                                      Oh, and in my opinion their Rub (bark) needed salt.

                                      1. re: duckdown

                                        Wow, thats very expensive. Thanks for the heads up about the a la carte menu.

                                        1. re: hungryabbey

                                          Our favourite rib place in Huntsville, Al. has full racks at $19 a slab, al a carte. So it's really right in line.


                                      2. re: duckdown

                                        Their lunch menu must be different than there dinner menu. The lunch menu includes a side for the pork sandwich. I paid an extra $3 to get the Mac and Cheese but my fries were included. Too bad it wasn't included for dinner also.

                                        I plan on going and trying their ribs soon but hopefully someone can try it before me because I am very curious and I might not get there for a while.

                                        1. re: duckdown

                                          Duckdown, How does it compare to Sweet Smoke?

                                          1. re: iamam

                                            Totally totally different styles.

                                            These guys are trying to do traditional southern BBQ with traditional flavors where SweetSmoke definitely does it different than the rest.. Sweetsmoke has that "orange infused" BBQ sauce that I've never had anything like before... I can honestly say I like them both, and they're both different enough not to get bored of either of them.

                                            Both of them are worth checking out

                                            cheers! :)

                                            1. re: duckdown

                                              I went to Buster Rhino's today...purposely dropped off some product to a customer in the area myself so I could hit it..had brisket and hush puppies and pulled pork sandwich to go....had the brisket before and it was as good as the first time..pulled pork was better than the Memphis places I visited back in May...was bang on...and for $5.50 a sandwich or $8.00 including hush puppies and can of pop you cannot beat it. Owner is very nice too....asking most people if they enjoyed lunch...good to see pride like that.

                                              1. re: ebay3392

                                                To be fair to Big Smoke, rent I am sure is a lot cheaper in Whitby vs. Oakville. And, I am certain rent is cheaper in an industrial building vs. a stand alone restaurant. I don't disagree with anything you said about BR but I don't think you can directly compare the costs vs price.

                                                1. re: ylsf

                                                  It is probably more to the reason he used to work for a high end catering company and his prices are probably reflective of that fact.

                                        2. I ate here at the end of December 2009 and was actually really impressed. It wasn't the best BBQ I've ever had but it was definitely really good.

                                          It is a little on the expensive side but I felt the large portions made the extra cost worth it. My girlfriend and I each had a pulled pork sandwich, fries and shared pit beans... this came to a little over $30 with tip. I don't like to get into every minor detail about the meat and so on but I was impressed. The owner was very friendly, service was prompt but the place was dead. Granted it was 3pm on a Monday during the holidays so what can you expect? I wouldn't go out of my way to go back there but if I were in the area and craving BBQ, I would definitely hit this place up again.

                                          1. This place is fantastic... we were there twice in one week.... for some reason chow hound took down my review.... so I will do this again... second time we were there I had the chowder. Chowder was fantastic, so was the Caesar salad. Was trying to save space for dessert, unfortunately I failed.

                                            We are BBQ fans... family lives in the south and we have done our fare share of Southern eating. At first we were concerned - BBQ in Oakville?? But we stand corrected. The food was fantastic - prices are absolutely reasonable. The Brisket is fantastic - the Ribs (Pork & Beef) are done right. Collard Greens were great - matter of fact all the sides were right. We ordered all the mains on the menu (yes, for 2) but we had to know. The staff is fantastic. Took a tour through the kitchen... clean and organized... beautiful smoker in the kitchen.. everything is made in house. Like that they will run out of food... because it's fresh. Nothing is frozen. When it's gone - it's gone. Summer on the patio will be fantastic. Looking forward to introducing others to The Big Smoke BBQ.

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                                            1. re: got2bgood

                                              Having just returned from Chicago and going to Heaven on Seven, I was longing for some cajun type food. They have great BBQ meat ... terrible ambience ... our waitress was indifferent to us and never once asked if we enjoyed the food .. should be a priority in a new restaurant. Went on a Tuesday night .. it was very slow as would be expected but so was the service. DO NOT GET THE SEAFOOD GUMBO .. unless you need to de-ice your driveway. The salt was so overpowering that it was almost inedible. The sides are ridiculously small ... the sweet potato mash came in a mini ramekin. Mixed Grill who used to be there had the best Caesar Salad ever ... The Big Smoke fails drastically on that .. The chowder was bland and boring ... yes I know its a bbq place but you need to have a well-rounded menu especially in Bronte where there are many seniors with money to spend who can't eat half a cow or pig at every sitting. It's not cheap either. They have a long way to go although the pulled pork was apparently worth every penny. Might go back but definitely not for gumbo. And definitely not if they continue to play depressing country music!!!

                                              1. re: soulfood69

                                                Interesting review. In my mind, ordering seafood gumbo at a BBQ place would be like ordering a steak at McDonald's. Recognize the focus of the restaurant and order something that will allow it to showcase its best. If I wanted gumbo, I would go to a seafood restaurant. As for BBQ, I still think it's the best in the area... even better than Sweet Smoke.

                                                1. re: cynalan

                                                  What have you had there thats better than sweet smoke?

                                                  I tried the pulled pork, it's not better, just a different style

                                                  1. re: duckdown

                                                    No doubt it is a question of personal taste. I find the Sweet Smoke pulled pork and ribs have a BBQ sauce that has far too "citrus" a taste. The sauce has a very orange flavour. I'm not saying its bad, or anthing, just that I like the BBQ sauce at Big Smoke better, in particular the pulled pork and the ribs. I don't think I'm alone in this thought. Have a look at the Sweet Smoke thread and you'll see a few others who do not like the orange flavour to their sauce. On the other hand, Sweet Smoke has a shrimp quesadilla that is excellent.

                                                    1. re: cynalan

                                                      Oh I believe you and understand, just wondering what you reccomend at Big Smoke that you've found better vs. the equivalent at Sweet Smoke

                                                      I want to try the ribs actually, but I don't really like how everything on the menu is a-la carte..

                                                      1. re: duckdown

                                                        I actually tried the gumbo on a recommendation. I don't eat meat but took my two sons and fiance who are major carnivores. I was more disappointed with the lack of interest on the part of the staff. When you start out you should be encouraging people to try things and interested in what they think. No one asked if we were enjoying the food or needed anything. Shrimp quesadilla at a bbq place? Thought that was something you should get at a mexican seafood place!

                                                        1. re: soulfood69

                                                          But Mexico is south ! Southern BBQ , no?
                                                          The shrimp quesadilla, the ceviche, the pulled pork and desserts are all really good at Sweet Smoke.
                                                          The chef and his wife both worked a long time at Langdon Hall ....he knows how to cook! Plus , he is from Chicago, I believe. ( we had a chat)

                                                          1. re: soulfood69

                                                            I am surprised about your comment about the staff. I went back tonight and ordered some take out again (rack of ribs and fried green tomatoes..) The wife of one of the chef's is the main hostess and she actually remembered me even though we only talked for a minute or two when I did my first order of pulled pork sandwich like a month ago. The other lady working behind the bar was also pleasant and made conversation.

                                                            I haven't gone to eat in yet but I plan to soon (in particular I want to check out their brunch menu).

                                                            Regarding my ribs, I enjoyed them (Got the Baby Back ribs). I am starting to forget my "taste" experiences at other places like Stockyards and Buster Rhinos for a direct comparison but considering this place is so close and BBQ is available every night for me... I am very pleased. Interestingly they offered two kinds of sauce. One was a "molasses" one (forget the exact term) and the other was a red sauce (she said the second was sweeter). I am sure it is up on their menu. How are sauces normally applied when BBQing? I thought the sauce would be applied while they smoke it. So would they do half a batch of each?? Maybe someone can educate me :)

                                                            Oh, and the fried green tomatoes were good too. Glad I tried them.

                                                            I took a couple of quick pics for those curious so will try to post up in the next day or 2

                                                            I almost forgot to mention. There is definitely a lot of "smoke"... My car smelled like smoke by the time I got home :)

                                                            1. re: ylsf

                                                              Most places don't sauce before smoking. There are two reasons for this. First of all, the sugars in it will have a tendancy to burn. Secondly, smoke sticks better to dry rather than wet. So more than likely, they'll be dried off, not made moist.
                                                              The will however get mopped in some cases.
                                                              I don't sauce or mop.
                                                              There are exceptions of course. Mustard rubs on shoulders and briskets would be the most notable.

                                                              At the end of the smoking period sauce is applied or not. They may stay in the smoker or get grilled. No real consensus on any of that. It's often added again at plating. Sometimes it's sauced at plating for the only time it's sauced.

                                                              In the case of "Dry" ribs or "Memphis style" there is no sauce applied.

                                                              I do mine, rubbed the night before. Smoked, wrapped, slowcooked, sauced and then grilled. I like a nice sticky sweet sauce on top of my smokey ribs.

                                                              None of this really matters if the first and foremost taste is still ribs though.


                                                              1. re: Davwud

                                                                i concur...saucing is mostly done at the end grilled or on the side..i never do mine while smoking for Davwud's reasoning....but I do mop...apple juice for pork and 1/2 and 1/2 Moore's Marinade and beef broth for brisket...recently done chicken wings for the first time and the apple juice produced a nice finish on those as well...mmm...getting hungry now....where is that Lean Cuisine??????

                                                                1. re: ebay3392

                                                                  Is Lean Cuisine making a BBQ meal now?

                                              2. Atmosphere and decor is poor, it has no character.

                                                Service at first I thought was going to be really brutal however our waitress turned a page with her knowledge of the food and recommendations on the BBQ sauces. The service was prompt but very informal with no real desire to engage you as a customer.

                                                Food was hot but not great. I ordered the pork ribs with Memphis BBQ sauce, they were dry and lacked flavour. My husband had the brisket also with the Memphis BBQ sauce and said his was ok.

                                                I would not return, there was nothing memorable about the meal and certainly does not stand out as anything representative of true Southern BBQ.

                                                1. Wasnt blown away. The service was friendly and knowledgeable, but the meat was just a sweet sticky glob. Was expecting much more. I've had better cubano sandwiches in take out delis in NYC than this.

                                                  Definately doesnt live up to the hype

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                                                  1. Not too impressed.

                                                    I decided to have dinner with my dad here the other night.

                                                    Service was slow, but friendly. Onion rings were so so. Coleslaw had too much vinegar imho, and the mac n cheese was just ok.

                                                    I had the rib sampler which included a half rack of beef ribs, and a half rack of pork ribs.

                                                    Rib meat was tough, tight, dry and a little over cooked. Smoky tasting....sure. But far from anything else. Lol. Sorta tasted like beef jerky imho.

                                                    I will say however that the pork ribs were considerably better than the beef ribs.

                                                    Wild Wing makes much better ribs than The Big Smoke- Oakville.

                                                    Will not return.

                                                    1. I finally got around to redeeming a gift coupon for this place and it looks like I was just in time. Early on a Saturday evening the place was empty except for a few people enjoying drinks at the bar. While I waited for my takeout I noticed the reservation book was blank with no entries..

                                                      I ordered the chicken/rib combo for takeout and it turned out to be very dry and the size was small. They didn't include a piece of the nice cornbread they had when they first opened and the side Caesar was a few chunks of Romaine with a small containder of what tasted like standard bottled dressing. Ugh. They no longer had the sweet potato side we remembered from our visit last winter. There were also no small containers of the nice sauces I remember from when they first opened, on a $25 menu item. I really wanted to like this place since American BBQ is under-appreciated here, but this just was not good enough for me.

                                                      Sad, Bronte is a bit of a culinary wasteland and we hoped this would succeed.

                                                      I wish my gift certificate had been for Swiss Chalet..

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                                                      1. re: Oakville Boy

                                                        I was in Oakville today so we decided to try it out tonight. Like your experience, the place was completely empty (I think one person at the bar, unless they worked there). The server was completely clueless and totally forgot our order before punching it in (if you cant remember it... WRITE IT DOWN!!)
                                                        We tried...
                                                        hush puppies- crispy but flavourless.. I guess they forgot about salt
                                                        Onion rings- pretty good, panko crispy
                                                        Pulled pork sandwich- Pretty good, served with crispy slaw on top, but not a "tonne of meat " like another poster mentioned above
                                                        baby back ribs- not great, overcooked and dry and small 1/2 rack portion for $ 16 (WITHOUT SIDES!!) CRAZY! Thats like 5-6 little ribs for $16!!
                                                        mac and cheese- literally 1/2 cup for $ 4, so very expensive IMO, but.. it had a crispy bread crumb topping which I like
                                                        Collard greens- not bad, but not great, needed more salt so it seems like seasoning is an issue here
                                                        fries and sweet potato fries- both were a bit undercooked (not crispy)

                                                        Well, the service was super fast, but it should be since we were the only ones there, but the food just did not deliver for the price. I cant get over the $ 16 for 1/2 rack a la carte. Probably wont be back.

                                                        1. re: hungryabbey

                                                          Thanks for the feedback, sorry to hear of your disappointing experience. Well, it was on our list for this weekend, but can't fathom driving about 1 hour for mediocre food and service.

                                                      2. Passed by the restaurant today and noticed that it has now closed - there is a For Lease sign in the window.