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Dec 10, 2009 09:58 PM

Kid friendly wing nite in Calgary??

Just wondering if anyone knows of kid friendly places to go for good wings with our 3 year old? Love Reagle Beagle's wings (tho, parking is ridiculous!!) and have a couple other old haunts but the only places I can find seem to be pubs and apparently we can't leave the kid in the Even suggestions of places where kids are allowed before a specific time would be helpful. Just miss having wings and nachos...not quite understanding why kids can't go to pubs now that they are all non-smoking....wouldn't they be the same as a licenced restaurant??

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  1. Brewesters in McKenzie Towne has a resturant side...although you fell like you are part of the lounge as there is no physcial divider, lots of TVs to catch the game. The patio in the summer RIVALS anything DT. KIds menus are 7.99 and include a drink and dessert and they have highchairs adn booster seats.

    Muldoons at 130th allows kids till 8. You can sit anywhere, they have booster seats and highchairs but I dont think they have a specific kids menu.

    At Hooters kids eat free on the weekends! Pretty sure you can take the little ones there anytime and aways a good game on the TV. You can sit in the main resturant, not like to old days where they shuffled you off to that little side room for non-smokers. Again they offfer a kids menu, high chairs and booster seats.

    Im looking forward to this list...always looking for new places to take the baby out for our fix of wings and pub beer tho...pregnanat again!

    1. If you're looking for something in the north...Nicks allows kids in the bar side. Can't vouch for the wings though...just not a wing-chick...but I love their Onion Chips.

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        Thank you. Yes, north would be better. Also, I just can't bring myself to take the kid to Hooter's. Call me a prude...lmao.

        Congrats on the new baby!!

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          The Greek wings at Nick's are great. Nice big wings too.

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          1. Bubblemania... not the best wings, and no booze. But there's often families there.

            1. It may not be terribly kid friendly but the Redwater Grill in Bow Valley Square has recently put wings on the menu and they are great. Perhaps the other Redwaters have added them as well.

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                We just went to Wlid Wings at 1129 17th Ave SW, Calgary.

                Pricey but very good wings, they were nice and meaty and you could tell they came off a chicken, a large variety of flavours and the kids wanted more lava cake after pretending to be full of fries, sweet potato fries, wings and carrots/celery. Be warned I think the sweet potato fries are McCain's though they were pretty good crispy with a sweet tangy sauce I couldn't decide if I liked or not but kept dipping into.

                It had a sports bar feel but the kids were welcomed.