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Dec 10, 2009 08:56 PM

Original Jordan Marsh Blueberry Muffins Available in Avon

Sorry if this has already been covered, but I did a search and came up empty.

Jordan's FURNITURE bought the Enchanted Village from the Boston Jordan Marsh when it closed. They have it set up at their Avon location through December, and are selling the JM blueberry muffins while it's open. I've been jonesing for one (or a dozen) of those things for years. Has anyone had one from Avon? If so, do they really taste just like they did at Jordan Marsh?

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  1. CLOSE... but not quite.... Maybe the years have made the muffins more than they actually were but-

    Saw the same sign (on rt. 24) @ 8AM on my commute. Immediately pulled over. :) They don't open til 10, so I had to wait for the homeward commute.

    Stopped in @ 6PM, place was MOBBED. The muffin outlet is right at the entryway though, and I passed several exiting muffin boxes (similar to the JM boxes, but no string) in my walk through the parking lot.

    Was going to get one just to try it, but after seeing the exiting boxes, ended up with a half dozen ($10!). $2/muffin, I think I saw $18/dozen.

    First impression, not as fresh. Large quantities trucked in, understandable... A bit smaller than I remember (but I'm quite a bit bigger). they still had the big flattish muffin top and sugar crust, but the middles had sunken in a bit. The cakey texture was pretty close, but they lacked the big juicy blueberries I remember of old...

    I'll probably pick up another 1/2 dozen to bring home to the folks for xmas morning, but if they were more foodies and less nostalgic probably wouldn't.

    In summation I think the ones you used to be able to get @ South Station were the best replica of the real deal, but both are regrettably a thing of the past.

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      Thanks, cheesecakester. I read about it in a Boston Globe article. I probably would have had an accident if I saw a sign on the highway.

      Do they let you bypass the line for the Enchanted Village if you're just getting muffins?

      You were obviously as into these muffins as I was, and the details of your report make me think that the differences weren't just perceived as a result of nostalgia. One of the many great things about them was those big, fresh blueberries they used (not the small, wild ones found in every other blueberry muffin). Thanks to your report, I'll adjust my expectations accordingly, but that they still have the "big flattish muffin top and sugar crust" is enough for me to make the hour trip!

      1. re: cheesecakester

        I guess Elliot can't say'not to be confused with Jordan Marsh' anymore.

        1. re: trufflehound

          True! Maybe he finally feels secure now that Jordan Marsh is no more.

      2. I grew up eating jordan marsh Blueberry muffins while shopping with my mom:) We just returned form the Jordans Furniture store in Avon and bought two boxes! Almost just as good as I remember! They are only sold from Thanksgiving to Christmas I was told. Enjoy! The best part is they are right in the entrance!!!