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Dec 10, 2009 06:30 PM

Downtown Business Lunch - No peanuts & Veg. friendly

We are looking for a place to have a nice business lunch downtown... not too far from Ste. Catherine/Crescent. Two challenges: vegetarian friendly for one person and no nuts due to allergies for another. Who can help me out here?

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  1. If you need an absolutely nut-free restaurant one of the only options is Zero 8. They have a few veggie options.

    1735 Saint-Denis
    514 658 5552

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    1. re: kpzoo

      My nut allergy person is ok around them, just as long as she doesn't ingest them herself. I really need something closer. But thanks for that recommendation... I never heard of the place.

      1. re: Andria

        I would suggest Europea... they have a great lunch special. The current 29,50$ menu doesn't list a veg option but I would call to check. And "no nuts" is certainly possible.

        1. re: Chocolatine

          Ah see, this was my first choice. Even though I am paying, they feel it is too pricey.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              I haven't tried it... tell me more about it.

              1. re: Andria

                The former chef and pastry chef from Laloux are there now - I ate there last month, and had a very nice meal. There are actually two dining areas - one is the lounge on the main floor, where the food is more casual fare, and the other is upstairs, which is fancier (but as I just noticed when I checked, is not open for lunch, only dinner - so downstairs would be your only lunch option). It's on Crescent at de Maisonneuve.

                1. re: cherylmtl

                  Newtown has improved with the new people running the kitchen. The desserts are kick a**!

    2. Allo Inde is over on Stanley and, as with most Indian restos very vegetarian friendly meals available and quite classy. Their sag paneer is a winner in my books.