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Dec 10, 2009 06:19 PM

Banh Mi in San Antonio?

Hey Folks, I travel to SA occasionally for meetings and one of my compatriots has never had banh mi. Research is showing me nothing. The only hint on the internet of a "good" Vietnamese sammie in SA nowadays seems to be Pho San Antonio on Wurzbach.

So, is there any banh mi worth eating in San Antonio?
I'm not looking for LA or Houston (or your favorite city's) grade banh mi, just a decent sandwich.

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  1. Not sure I can be of any help. I've been to Pho SA several times ... for the pho ... never had, or noticed if they offer banh mi.

    Never having been to RVN, I looked up banh mi & it seems to be suspiciously like what is served at "French Sandwiches" at 8448 Fredericksburg Rd @ SE corner of Wurzbach (behind KFC). 692-7019, FAX 692-7723 (they deliver). M-F 0930-1730 / Sa -16
    What I read about them on Chowhound was "sandwiches are excellent and very cheap less than $6.00. You get a cream puff & choice of onion soup or salad w/ the sandwich"

    ... but I personally found their sandwiches to be overly salty.

    My notes: "Turkey Club on Hot Bread $5.50 w/iced tea, cream puff & soup
    (sandwich good but a bit salty)
    French Onion soup is fine, Soup du Jour M,Tu & F = Shrimp, W&Th = Chicken Corn"

    So ... I can't highly recommend French Sandwiches ... but if you lean towards the salty side, it might be perfect for you. I'd be pleased to learn if you find it better than I did (I'm willing to give 'em a 2nd chance) ... or I'd be glad to learn of better.

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      Try Saigon Express on McCullough, north of I-35. They actually have decent bread.

    2. There's 2 places in the med center. One is called French Sandwiches and the other is Sandwich de Paris. I've only been to French Sandwiches and I thought it was great. The owners are really nice.

      1. Hey doods...
        I'm a Tampa Hound and am trying to turn a friend in San Antonio onto Banh Mi--- so I searched the Texas board....

        Is this still the best we can come up with?
        A place called French Sandwiches?

        Anything new?
        Vietnamese even?

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          BILL!!! WELL FANCY MEETIN' YOU HERE!!!! :) if you're HERE, who's keeping an eye on the Toddster?? SOMEONE's gotta watch 'im!!