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Dec 10, 2009 03:35 PM

Cookware Purchase

I recently purchased some new cookware to replace some old worn out pieces I had since college. Here is what I have purchased so far:

- 12" All-Clad Stainless Fry Pan
- 7.5" All-Clad Stainless French Skillet
- 2 qt All-Clad Stainless Saucier
- 5.5 qt Le Creuset Round Oven

I think I still need a few pieces to get started and I was hoping to get some advice/reccomendations. Here is what I was thinking about getting:

- 8" to 10" non-stick fry pan. This doesn't have to be 100% non-stick just something for eggs/pancakes etc. Any recommended brands?

- 3 to 4 quart saucepan. Is there any advantage to buying a high quality pan (such as the All-Clad stainless) over the $20 stainless saucepan in Wal-Mart?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. For the non-stick doesn't really matter, it for eggs one..I'd just check a good resturant supply store.
    Yeah a good sauce pan is of that size is something you don't think you'll use alot until you have a good one then you use it alot.
    So yeah a good one is better than a cheap one, how it heats and hold heat is what matters to me, can I get it down to a low heat to maintain without a hot spot ? stuff like that.

    I think time is on your side. Wait out the holiday season and see what goes on sale, pick and choose among bargains.

    1. Most people say not to spend too much on a non-stick egg pan because it doesn't last. I use 8" and 10" ones that came with my Kitchenaid cookware set. However, I've had my eye on a Berndes 8" pan that sometimes can be found at a steep discount, e.g., BBB has it for $30 right now.

      For a saucepan I'd like some All Clad, but since (so far) I mostly use them to boil water, I'm satisfied with Farberware. They're still made pretty good, IMO, unlike Revere, which seems to have gone way downhill.

      1. I have a 3 quart All Clad saucepan (one of 2 All Clad pieces I own). I use it nearly every time I cook a meal. It just seems to be the perfect size for a lot of things.

        1. I've been very happy with my two most recent purchases. I'm at that point where the stuff I bought initially is wearing out and so I'm having to replace it all. I bought a set the first time around, but this time I've been buying individual pieces.

          For a sauce pan I bought a stainless (Italian) Lagastina 2 qt. The design is absolutely beautiful, and the handles stay pretty cool. Williams-Sonoma has an exclusive. Considering that it will be used daily for at least 20 years, I think it's worthwhile to have something aesthetically pleasing. Cleans beautifully.

          The other thing I got is a Danish Scanpan 8" skillet, ceramic-titanium non-stick finish. No weird chemicals, and you can use metal utensils. It really works great. The instructions are a bit different than your usual nonstick, but following them hasn't been a problem. I believe Sur la Table has an exclusive for Scanpan.

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          1. re: foiegras

            foiegras, I searched the Williams-Sonoma site and did not see a 2 qt Lagostina, just a 4 qt soup pot. It is beautiful, though, and the the comments are all ecstatic.

            I also checked out the Scanpan. I constantly look at egg pans, it's the one pan I use every day. And as I said in another thread, I have one Scanpan myself, a roasting pan. Your pan looks like the ultimate egg pan, but I'd have to be in a certain mood to pay $100 for non-stick. Intriguing, though.

            1. re: philly888

              I bought both in-store ... they have a full selection there. Sometimes the websites are a bit lacking ... The Lagastina really makes you realize how uniformly ugly so many other stainless pans are ;)

              I really feel the Scanpan nonstick is perfect. I need to use very little fat (I suppose I could use none), and eggs literally float on it. If you want a bit better price, they still have the previous line at a discount, which is not induction ready. It has the nonstick finish on the outside sides rather than stainless.

              PS The 2-quart has a single long handle, but the lid is identical to the 4-qt. One of the comments seems to indicate W-S is discontinuing??? The reviews point out something I didn't mention, which is that all the pots have a wide base for their capacity. This does make them more useful/versatile for the size ...

              1. re: foiegras

                I got a Scanpan skillet last year off eBay but you do need to use fat in it. I tried cooking an egg without fat and it stuck big time. Other than that, I love it.

                1. re: MandalayVA

                  Haven't tried it that way as I like that little bit of butter for taste ;) But it really is just a tiny bit that you need. Now I'm tempted to try it with none and see what happens ...