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Dec 10, 2009 03:15 PM

Pairing with Lebanese Food

We have a terrific new Lebanese restaurant that doesn't have a liquor license. Hooray - BYOB. People will probably be ordering both fish and meat and, of course, there are all those great vegetarian mezza.

Any suggestions for a good wine to go with Lebanese food? Price point is $100 and under per bottle. Looking for something terrific. My philosophy is that just because you are in an "ethnic" restaurant doesn't mean you have to drink a "simple" wine.

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  1. If you want to stick to Lebanese wine, you can't go far wrong with Massaya's Gold Reserve (though the silver is also very good for the price). Both are big weighty reds, so probably not an option for the veggies. Could you give a few examples of dishes on the menu that interest you or your group, it might help in providing suggestions.

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      Baba ghannouj and hummos, of course, stuffed grape leaves, fried cheese cheese boereg (turnovers), lentil soup, Loup de Mer or mullet, some meat or chicken kabobs, a few salads, maybe some cheeses (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it)!

    2. Vins Rare,one of my favorite internet wine merchants recommended
      Aldo conterno Barolo 2004. I ordered it and will report back.

      1. Chateau Musar is the gold standard of Lebanese wines. It is a
        blend of Rhone varieties. A world class wine, IMO.