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Dec 10, 2009 03:01 PM

Saturday lunch and dinner in Philly

Foodie from D.C. sightseeing in Philly and looking for a nice lunch and dinner spot. My hotel is on Spruce and 12th and I am able to taxi, but not interested in traveling too far. I am looking for smaller restaurants with great American or European cuisine. I am probably not up for ethnic (asian, indian, thai,...) unless it's an outstanding "can't miss" place. I am not opposed to finer dining, but I am not looking for anything too formal. Any suggestions are really appreciated.

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  1. Fork, Matyson, and Meme are good New American spots. All are open for lunch besides Meme. You also might like Good Dog, Pub & Kitchen and Varga Bar for high quality pub food and good beer.

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      Fork and Matyson are not open for lunch on Saturday actually/unfortunately but make good dinner spots. Close to your hotel is Estia which has great seafood flown in from Greece (and a $30 three course business lunch special they serve on Saturday). Tria has small plates that are excellent and is close by as well.

    2. I'd recommend Kanella, it's Greek Cypriot and open for both brunch/lunch and dinner on Saturday. It's 2 blocks from your hotel. It's a BYOB.

      If you're going for dinner, you'll need reservations. Another dinner suggestion is Cochon, not too far of a walk, or a quick cab ride from your hotel. It's also BYOB and cash only.

      Your closest, largest state-run wine and liquor store will be on the 1200 block of Chestnut, an easy 5-block walk from your hotel.

      1. Given your interests, I enthusiastically second Meme, Fork and Kanella, and add Melograno, a moderately priced but consistently good Italian trattoria.

        1. Mercato is right near where you'll be at and I've enjoyed a number of dinners there. No reservations, though, and it's BYOB, cash only.