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Dec 10, 2009 02:58 PM

Ciao Bella Gelatos and Sorbets.

I was recently at my local Loblaws in the Organic Food Section and stumbled upon Ciao Bella's Blood Orange Sorbet, I was delighted as I have heard only positive reviews about this company. The sorbet didn't disappoint, it was so refreshing! I was wondering if anyone has come across Ciao Bella's Gelato at any supermarkets or speciality stores in Toronto, perhaps even the York Region?

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  1. I see them at my Metros all the time (Gould and Dalhousie, Front and Church)

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    1. re: pinkprimp

      Can you elaborate on which types you see there, is it just the sorbets or the gelatos too?

      1. re: callitasicit

        Hmm. I am certain that they stock the sorbets; I will check for gelato the next time I go :-)

        1. re: pinkprimp

          Thanks, I think I might visit my local Metro's today;)

          1. re: callitasicit

            I went to Metro in Stouffville and sadly enough, no Ciao Bella's of any sort:(

    2. Hey! I went to the Metro at Front and Church today and this is what they had (all sorbets): mango, raspberry, chocolate (curious about a curious sorbet!). lemon and coconut.

      Eating the coconut one right now...I love the texture and the richness/intensity of the coconut flavour!

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      1. re: pinkprimp

        Thanks Pinkprimp. I sent an email to Ciao Bella and they told me that they only have permission to distribute their Sorbet line to Canada as they are not allowed to send dairy to Ontario yet. Since I live in Markham, I won't be heading to Toronto that often. The Loblaws near me only carries Coconut, Blood Orange and Mango. I am not a big fan of Coconut but have tried both the Blood Orange and Mango flavours, they are both amazing!!!

        1. re: callitasicit

          "only have permission to distribute their Sorbet line to Canada as they are not allowed to send dairy to Ontario yet."
          I wonder if the 'yet' part of their response means we can anticipate the cream gelatos will be available here too??? I tried their Maple Gingersnap flavor and it was very good.

          1. re: ParsleySage

            Lets hope that is the case, the gelatos look real good too.

        2. re: pinkprimp

          I might have to take a trip to that Metro soon. I am dying to try the lemon sorbet. Are you sure they sold the chocolate gelato there? I thought they only sold the sorbets in Canada. My favourite one by far is the Blood Orange, I have to exhibit serious willpower not to finish the whole pint in one day;)

          1. re: callitasicit

            No, i never saw any chocolate gelato. As per my post on Dec 15, I said "all sorbets."

            i still have to try the blood orange sorbet!!

            1. re: pinkprimp

              You must try the blood orange, it is really amazing. I actually found the lemon sorbet at another Loblaws I shopped at today, I will report back on how good it was.

              1. re: callitasicit

                Note that the Italian Blood Oranges aren't here yet (another recent thread on this).
                I usually get the Gelato Fresco Blood Orange Sorbet - but still too early in the season. It also changes colour of the season as the differnt 'versions' of blood orange arrive - early a definite red, later turning to pink.
                If Ciao Bella beats that I'll be VERY impresssed - Gelato Fresco is still the best I've found in North America.

                1. re: estufarian

                  Tried the lemon sorbet today, pretty damn good as well. It was very tart but still tasty. You should try the Blood Orange Gelato Estufarian, it is really amazing imho.

                  1. re: callitasicit

                    But where do I find it?
                    The places I've checked in T.O. haven't stocked it.

                    1. re: estufarian

                      Where's the Gelato Fresco version as well?

                      1. re: estufarian

                        Check the organic section or health food section of the Loblaws. It will not be found in the regular freezer section of the store.

                  2. re: callitasicit

                    Which Loblaws did you find it at? My local Loblaws never has it.

                    1. re: LTL

                      I have found it at both the Bayview and Hwy 7 location as well as the Bullock and Hwy 7 location. I live in Markham so hopefully that it isn't too far from you.

                      1. re: callitasicit

                        I'm at the opposite end of the city from you - Etobicoke! I will continue to check and perhaps ask the manager if they have plans to bring this product in. I always check the organic/health food section, but it's never there.

                        1. re: LTL

                          There are about half dozen flavours of Gelato Fresco at the Queens Quay Loblaws in the ice cream section but not blood orange.

                          1. re: sbug206

                            wherever you go, don't get your ciao bella at McEwan's grocery place. It's pretty much highway robbery. I saw it there last summer for about $8. But then again, everything there is a rip-off (I think I saw some Haagan Dazs next to it for about $7.40 a tub). Also, if you like passionfruit, or coconut, you should give their versions a try. They're amazing as well. Mango is another winner. The texture is the closest I've come to actual Mango texture in a frozen dessert.

                            Ciao Bella:

                            Ridiculous Prices:

                            Cheers & Happy Eating!

                            1. re: BokChoi

                              The price for Ciao Bella Sorbet is $6.99, expensive but you really can't find this product anywhere else but Loblaws.

                                1. re: sbug206

                                  Well, I have never seen it there...

                        2. re: callitasicit

                          Thanks - after checking a bunch of Metros and Loblaws in my usual haunts, I was at a show at the Markham Theatre, so nipped over to the Bullock location - which indeed stocks the whole sorbet line. I picked up the Blood Orange as well as a pear sorbet from La Mère Poule (also hadn't seen that in my local stores).

                          Verdict on the Blood Orange - good but doesn't beat the Gelato Fresco!
                          Colour was a medium-dark pink (good - colour changes with season and gets lighter as it gets later - probably last year's crop). Texture was a real problem - so hard that it couldn't be scooped - had to be scraped (the Gelato Fresco scoops easily) - my guess is a higher proportion of water in the Ciao Bella. Flavour was pretty good - but was a litle sweeter than I prefer - but that's just a matter of preference; I prefer most fruits to be a little more acidic, but those who like 'sweeter' will certainly like this.

                          And the Pear Sorbet was a disappointment - lacked the 'pear texture' and had a strange 'perfumed' aroma that I don't associate with any pear I've had (but it did scoop well).

                          1. re: estufarian

                            i tried the lemon sorbet from ciao bella and thought the texture wasnt very good, i was hoping for a smoother sorbet. it was also too sweet for me...

                            has anyone tried the marc angelo gelatos? i saw a flavour there last time that was saffron and pistachio... very curious

                            1. re: Pigurd

                              Where did you see the Marc Angelo gelatos? They're not even listed as a product on the Marc Angelo website!

                              1. re: estufarian

                                ooop.. i mean gelatos in marc angelo supermarket.. the red diamond brand

                                i bought one the saffron and pistachio flavour out of morbid curiosity (get fuzzy reference)... its kinda weird, taste more like ice cream soup... texture a bit too icey and "dry" somehow... o well..

                                p.s. those wrapped blood oranges from italy are in marc angelo... only has slight amount of blood in them though

                              2. re: Pigurd

                                I found the Lemon Sorbet to be more tart than most but it is all matter of opinion.

                              3. re: estufarian

                                Thanks for reporting back. I must try Gelato Fresco if it may be better than that of the Ciao Bella sorbets. Where do they offer Gelato Fresco? Do they also have some gelato flavours? Too bad about the Pear Sorbet, I really wanted to try that one. The one thing that is a bit problematic is the texture of the Blood Orange, I too struggled at the beginning with scooping it out. I found that thawing it made it a bit easier. The mango and lemon flavours don't have that same issue.

                                1. re: callitasicit

                                  Gelato Fresco not available (yet). Last time I checked they had already bought the Italian Blood Oranges but hadn't yet processed them.

                                  1. re: estufarian

                                    I have been promised by the person at Gelato Fresco she'll try and have them put some Blood Orange into half litre containers for those who don't need 4.5 liters of it.