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Dec 10, 2009 02:23 PM

Where to buy large quantities of cookie decorating supplies?

I'm hosting a cookie decorating party next weekend, sugar and gingerbread cookies, for around 35 people. I need to get large quantities of decorating sugars, sprinkles, little candies and such. Icing is not a problem; that can be whipped up at home.

Where can I find larger quantities than the Wilton's brand jars? The Wilton brand seems kind of expensive for such small amounts.

I am in San Francisco and would prefer to stay in SF or within 10 miles or so.


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  1. Spun Sugar in Berkeley sells baggies of every cookie decorating supply you can imagine.

    In my experience, you won't need as many sprinkles and such as you think.

    Sounds like a fun party!

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      I would second Spun Sugar in Berkeley on University Avenue. They have everything you will need.

      1. re: milklady

        I third Spun Sugar.

        Also, milklady is right. You don't need to buy huge amounts. I bought a bunch of different colored sprinkles mail order from the King Arthur Flour baker's catalog (a good source) when my son was 5. He's now in high school and I still have plenty left. Luckily, the stuff keeps forever.

      2. Spun Sugar is great. Tons and tons of sparkly sugars, luster dust, non-pareils of many colors, jimmies, whatever-you-call-the-crunchy-sugar-bits-that-have shapes (they have teeny tiny candy canes! snow flakes! dinosaurs!). My favorite thing right now is the sugar flakes made with agar agar. I had a class of eight-year-olds gasping at cupcakes made with them (all right, fair enough, an easy group to please with sugar-y stuff).

        I also get a lot of candies at Sweet Dreams on College in Berkeley (it's the Sweet Dreams on the corner, not the toy store in the middle of the block). You can get red hots, thin licorice whips, (you know, this stuff doesn't *taste* good on cookies, but you sometimes pretty is more important than instantly edible) mini M & M's (harder to find than you might think and perfect for buttons and eyes on gingerbread folk. Bonus points: tasty!). But I'm sure there's an equivalent or superior candy store closer to your home.