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Dec 10, 2009 02:17 PM

Charcuteries from Québec..

I am seeing more and more new dry sausage, or saucisson made here. Which one do you love or hate?

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  1. There has indeed been a rise in artisanal charcuterie producers. While I have not tasted all the new things out, Cochon tout rond remains a favourite their Figatelli ( spicy pork and offal sausage) is my fave and a unique taste . If you can get their larger saucissons like the Jésu or larger Ménage they really build up a lot of flavour or the whole cuts like Coppa are really good too. There was a period last year where I found the quality and service had dropped ( intense almost fishy tasting sausage, inconsistent drying and too large and unpleasantly squeaky chunks of fat. Snobby employees, and a bad habit of washing their slicer 20minutes before market close) I gave them a try again this past spring and found they had returned to their former glory and bought consistently this summer.

    Fou du cochon is another strong producer, Jean-Paul at Cuisine et Dépendance uses a lot of their stuff on his charcuterie plates, Their Curé ( a pork and cheese saucissons) and Batons aux avelines and Coppa are top notch. they are certified bio as well wich distinguishes them from a lot of other producers.

    Note some larger manufacturers have products that are packaged in ways to make them look like artisanal or small batch products but they are substandard offerings so be mindful.

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      What about saucissons de Charlevoix? They are certified bio and not so expensive.
      I've tried Cochon tout rond before. Well, I useto try them every season or so and they were never the same (I see that problem a lot with Québec cheeses).
      Last time, I had some (it was the grelots), they were so soft that they tasted like raw, warm, ground meat in a casing.