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Dec 10, 2009 02:05 PM

Northampton-Joe's Pizza

I remember how great the pizza was at Joe's on my weekend jaunts to Smith College. Does it still exist, and if so how is the quality?

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  1. Still great fun at Joe's and the quality is consistent.

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    1. re: jim14th

      You can never go wrong at Joe's. Great spaghetti & meatballs and I like the mushroom salad.

      1. re: jim14th

        So glad to hear it. Worth another roadtrip on the way to a reunion at Williams.

      2. I had it last year after a (gulp) 20+ year hiatus....still excellent!

        1. aahh..Joe's...gotta love it. have you tried the good, big slabs of mozzy with homemade marinara..yum..spanish clams are yummy too. well worth the stop in 'Hamp!

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          1. re: bouls

            Can't wait to go. When we did not have any luck at Smith, we would assuage our feelings with pizza and the wonderful clams in a garlic broth. Better than hanging out at Fitzwilly's, which hopefully is no longer present.

            1. re: aadesmd

              Oh man, I remember Fitzwilly's. I'm so old, I think it was brand new when I went there! Is Joe's pizza the place with the Mexican motif? I remember a place with a long bar and lots of tables. The pizza was great!

              1. re: CookieLee

                Guess it depends on your definition of "long." Maybe 8 or 10 seats? Pizza is great and it makes an inexpensive night out w/ the kids.

                Fitzy's is still there and still popular. Far from the worst restaurant in town. Appetizers aren't bad. I actually ate at a Fitzwilly's in New Haven, CT, my first visit to NE in 1980. It was pretty much sandwiches and more sandwiches, as I recall.

                1. re: edub23

                  I was one of the original bartenders at the Northampton Fitzwilly's when it opened. Then I was briefly a bartender at the New Haven one, too. I enjoyed working at both of them-- icons of the 70s. Made better tips at Prince Rashid's in Hadley, MA-- anyone remember it?

                  1. re: JackNH

                    God, you probably served me a drink at Fitzwilly's in Northhampton. Was there practically every weekend in 1977-78. I remember it as being kind of a fern bar, and the apps weren't at all bad. The town was truly prvincial then, with the Hotel Northhampton about the classiest place in town. There was a Miss something diner that lived on previous laurels. In fact, other than Joe's, the best food was in the Smith dorms, with china and silverplated eating utensils.

                    1. re: aadesmd

                      Miss Florence Diner? It's still there, albeit a little off the beaten path from Northampton. You can still get eggs and toast for $1.99 I think. Same sign, too - I'm sure if you Google it, you'll find it.

                    2. re: JackNH

                      was prince rashid's that place at the mountain farms mall? sort of a disco style club where i actually once saw the actress ursala andress?


                  2. re: CookieLee

                    Yes that is the place. Mexican motif with sports pennants behind the bar. Hence the name Joe's cafe

                    1. re: sevendust

                      Went to Joes yesterday... here's the thing about it. The neighborhood around it, atmosphere and inside interior would and could be shown in a negative light, but the food is so good that suddenly the whole interior/atmosphere goes from a dive bar to cool, unique and even cinematic. When you go there you're not sure what to expect and it would seem like a standard "dive" burger and beer and nachos joint that are all over the place, but as I said then the food comes and everything becomes absolutely perfect and a must-go-place.

                      Yes, it as a Mexican motif.

                      My wife ordered a spinach salad and bar none it was the best I ever had (I nibbled on it). Fresh spinach (who'd expect from the visual of the place) and awesome olive oil that had a hint of garlic amongst other flavors. We ordered a large hamburger pizza and we felt it was equal if not bettter then the area's best which has some seriously good pizza. Truthfully I loved the place and atmosphere but had it not delivered with some major taste and good food it could have gone into local dive bar status instead of cult status and that's why the place is a must stop. Anyone else feel the same way?

                      1. re: Nickmerill

                        About 2 1/2 hoursaway from me, but the great food and the memories are going to make a road trip very worthwhile. Can always make fun of an Amherst student while there. Such weenies!

                        1. re: Nickmerill

                          I definitly feel the same way and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know you will be going again soon so enjoy!

                2. It's amazing. Blackened sea scallops, garlic bread with cheese and of course the pizza is amazing!

                  1. Joe's is still going strong, though it's more a restaurant for the Northampton locals, then it is for out of towners. The pizza is good and the beer is cheap; it does have sort of a dive bar feel to it . . . . I like the place; I'm not sure I would give it quite the glowing recommendations that others have. But you definitely get your $$$ worth!