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Dec 10, 2009 02:03 PM

Summer Kitchen Bake Shop - Elmwood

I stopped into Summer Kitchen Bake Shop today. I hadn't seen it before, but it has been open over a month, on College at Ashby (right between Ici and La Mediteranae). It is a very cute shop, with a few tables to sit at. Cold salads for takeaway, plus take away hot food (pizzas and 1-2 entrees as a day) or you can eat there. They had some lovely looking sweets -- lemon meringue, gingerbread lemon and chocolate cream cheese cupcakes; serveral kinds of cookies; several types of quickbread slices like gingerbread, banana nut and lemon poppyseed.

I had other lunch plans, so I didn't stay to eat. I bought a gingerbread with lemon frosting cupcake that was delicious. The gingerbread was clearly made with really ginger and very moist. The frosting was perfectly "not too sweet" and very buttery. It was lemony, but I could've used more lemon. Cutely decorated with dragees and a marzipan gingerbread man.

I hope to go back and try more.

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  1. FYI, the owners are friends of David Lebovitz. So far, I've only had the fried chicken, and even cold, it was very good... crispy, well-seasoned, and juicy inside. My husband can't wait to try the coffee cake muffins, but they've been sold out by the time we've gotten there on the last 2-3 occasions.

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    1. Chef/Owner Paul Arenstam was responsible for Belon, which I still miss. Went on from that to Grand Cafe and Americano.

      1. We had the fried chicken today. A breast was piping hot, crunchy, dripping with juice and grease, not a hair overcooked. Perfect.

        We also had one bakery item and found it less perfect--a chocolate cupcake, fairly tasty and tender, but dwarfed by a disproportionate pile of cream cheese frosting. Or is it churlish to complain about excess frosting?

        The brown butter huckleberry tart looked amazing. We'll be back.

        Summer Kitchen Bake Shop
        2944 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705