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Dec 10, 2009 02:02 PM

Pairing white truffles/tajarin and Piemontese wine...(??)

A small group of friends is planning to splurge on white Alba truffles to shave over a simple tajarin/tagliatelle that will showcase the truffles.

We will have the pasta as a secondi/main course and want to select the best wine to complement the dish. Should we go for Roero Arnais, or a Piemontese red? Barbaresco? Dolcetto?

We need the help of the CH wine mavens!

Mille grazie!

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  1. Not too low ( as in: Dolcetto ), not too high ( as in: Barolo, Barbaresco ).
    Mid-way red is what Italians recommend: Barbera, Langhe Rosso, Langhe Nebbiolo.

    Or if in Umbria: Rosso di Montefalco, instead of Sagrantino.

    et cetera

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    1. re: RicRios

      Dear sir, why not a well aged Barolo or Barbaresco, and in its place a younger Langhe? Just curious to hear you thoughts. Too overpowering? or simply let the truffles shine?

      1. re: mengathon

        Truffles = subtle
        Aged nebbiolo = strong
        Want truffles to shine? Go soft.

    2. How about a quality Barbera from Piemonte?
      Be sure to read this article:

      1. I would go for a Langhe Nebbiolo

        1. Langhe Nebbiolo. Barolo / Barbaresco is too much; something lighter like a Langhe Nebbiolo is a wonderful match.

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          1. re: Asomaniac

            Barolo & Barbaresco are THE classic matchups with white truffles....also love Brunello with them.

            1. re: drumwine

              Matter of individual taste I guess. I find it too strong, too much. Likewise Brunello.

              1. re: drumwine

                "Barolo & Barbaresco are THE classic matchups "

                Certainly not in Italy.

            2. CHers to the rescue! We will go red. I will forego the Barolos and seek out something a bit lighter: a Langhe Nebbiolo or Barbera..

              By all means, keep the discussion going...many, many thanks!!