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Dec 10, 2009 01:43 PM

In home catering - Edmonton

My company is looking at getting our bosses a gift cert. for an In Home Catering.
They are looking for a high end, multi course meal for 6-10 people. As I have little experience with hiring out my cooking I was hoping that others would have some recommendations or experience with this subject.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've heard solid things about Sunterra. From their website - Catering
    Sunterra Catering is an extension of our philosophy of exceptional quality. Our food experts offer free consultation on meals and menu planning, delivery service, equipment rentals, professional staff to serve at your function and liquor service, if required. -

    1. There are a few personal chefs around too -- I was thinking of having a party and bringing one in. Can't remember all the ones I found, but there is Google Edmonton personal chef.

        1. The two caterers I use the most (and we use them alot) are Krave and Bridges. Both are good. I like Bridges customer service attitude a little better, but Krave probably does more unusual food. Krave tends to be more expensive.

          But it this was a corporate gift, I think I would go with a restaurant gift certificate because not everyone has a home that works for that kind or size of at home dinner party.