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Dec 10, 2009 01:14 PM

Ethnic restaurants: Nassau County North?

Hi _ I am always on the prowl for unusual places in Nassau. Really good (and preferably really inexpensive) food. I have tried these places and they are good - the real deal. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

• Barraida (Mineola) - great Portugese wood charcoal BBQ
• Pollos el Paisa (Westbury) - Colombian
• Sripraphai (Wiliiston Park) - legendary Thai
• Heritage of India (New Hyde Park) - Indian - good but overpriced
• Rang Mahal (Hicksville) - Indian - excellent - but ridiculously overpriced
• Tangra Masala (New Hyde Park) - Indo/Chinese - excellent
• Masala Wok (Hicksville) - - Indo/Chinese - excellent
• Taka (Westbury) - Japanese - very good, but Taka is a sociopath, too bad

Is there any Chinese that doesn't suck? Something like Joe's Shanghai in Flushing? Or Korean? Or Indian places that are really good that are not stupid overpriced? What about Jamaican? And I do not consider Besito relevant to this discussion!

My wife is Japanese - so we have that covered. No Chinese or Korean sushi please!

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  1. Please tell us which Japanese places you and your wife enjoy. For authentic, non-fusion sushi I like Yamaguchi in Port Washington.

    As for Chinese, best in Nassau is probably The Orient in Bethpage, although you can also do well at Hunan taste in Greenvale if you make it clear to them that you want authentic Chinese food. Also excellent, Northern Manor just over the Queens border in Little Neck.

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    1. re: EZ Pass

      Hi EZP.

      As far as authentic Japanese - there are 3 we have found that are great and are the real deal. The others - IMO - are a terrible waste of money and benefit from the typical consumers lack of experience. When we look for a Japanese place, we want more than just raw fish - we rate it on the cooked food as well.

      1.) Satsuki (Lynbrook): Some of the best sushi ever. The prepared hot dishes are superb - in particular the homemade gyoza, kushi katsu and beef tataki (hard to screw that up - but restaurants do!)

      2.) Shiro - sushi bar only! (Carle Place) - The sushi here is top notch - in fact - we always see a mix of white folks, black folks and Japanese businessmen. Great stuff - excellent.

      3.) Taka - (westbury) as I mentioned in my original post - the sushi is great - the prepared (berkshire pork) specials are delicious. Taka is not so cool, but I will give it one more try.

      I will try the Orient in Bethpage – I live up near Hunan taste - maybe I will try that as well. I hate to admit it - but I think PF Changs has the best Chinese in Nassau County. I really, really want someone to prove me wrong! It is a gorgeous place - the food is really, really good. I know it is heresy in foodie circles to proclaim a chain as good - but I don't give a shit - I just want good food and am really insulted if I pay good money for lousy food.

      1. re: Scott_R

        Thanks Scott _ I am going to try C&C curry factory!

      2. 1. Hummus World in Roslyn Heights(right in your back yard) excellent falafel,shwarma and home made soups.
        2. L.L. Dent on Old Country Road just west of the Meadowbrook exit for terrific Southern/Soul food. Fried chicken is perfect.
        3. Dominican Diner #2 1010 Front Street, Uniondale. Dirt cheap, delicious Dominican food in an old metal "diner car". The mofongo with pernil is awesome.
        4.Little Mexico 290 Post Ave Westbury. Good for simple mexican street food, nothing to complicated. Authentic and inexpensive, it may not be Roosevelt ave good but it is the best local choice.
        5. Intersection of Uniondale and Front street, east and west are a slew of Island/Jamaican joints I am slowly working my way through.Jerk Center delicious jerk chicken, and Roti King for curry chicken inside a roti are the standouts thus far. Both are primarily take out.

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        1. re: stuartlafonda

          Many thanks - These are great recommendations.

          1. re: Roslynjohn

            This is a great post. All I can add is Macha Pichu on School Street in Glen Cove for good Peruvian chicken, rice, beans...
            Stuart, I work in the Omni building, across from the Coliseum. I can't wait to try the places you listed--thanks!

            1. re: abu applesauce

              On Saturday I had chicken curry with rice and peas and mac and cheese from Spicy Spoon located just west of the intersection on Front street. Takeout only, although there is a shelf with chairs along the wall. The curry was as one would expect from a place with such a name, spicy hot. A nice gentle burn was all that remained after my meal. Rice and peas were ordinary and the mac and cheese a little less so, but I shall return. Abu, if you can, post your experiences as there is so much undiscovered chow in that area that I wish more 'hounds would report about these joints. Is there no Hofstra hound on this board?

          2. re: stuartlafonda

            Tried Hummus World to day for lunch - great. I had the "schwarfel" - which had falafel and schwarma. The tumeric in the chicken was really unexpected - really tasty. Would definitely go back. Thanks for the referral.