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Dec 10, 2009 01:05 PM

Cool latin in Philly?

Is there a new, cool latin spot in Philly besides the Garces/Starr been there done (and enjoyed) that. Friends from DC up this weekend and he is Peruvian.

266 S 10th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

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  1. The only Peruvian restaurant I knew (Sol de Peru) in Upper Darby closed a few years back. He might enjoy the Venezuelan Sazon around 9th and Spring Garden...

    1. Have you been to Chifa? I realize it is a Garces place but it is a Puruvian-Chinese hybrid so if you haven't checked it out it may be worthwhile. And if you have, what is your friend's opinion?

      The only new place I know if in that vein is Koo Zee Doo in NoLibs which is Puertogeuese. I dunno if that counts as Latin or not, but there may be interest.

      There are a bunch of other cool Latin spots that are not new like Xochitl and Lolita but I guess you've been there?

      1. cuba libre? it's my mom's favorite restaurant in the city. I've only had leftovers, but they were yummy.