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Dec 10, 2009 11:25 AM

red wine & chantarelle mushroom risotto question

Planning on making chantarelle risotto tonight - very basic, will be using the liquid the chantarelles were reconstituted in mixed with the chicken stock for flavour, but also want a splash of red wine in it (afterall, as some chef once said, risotto without wine is just wet rice). So, what would work best? I've got a fairly good selection at home so which grape, new or old world, even region would you suggest? Thanks

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  1. I'll play Captain Obvious and suggest an earthy cabernet or even a rough-hewn chianti as this will pair well with the mushrooms. If you go this route, however, you might want to go with beef stock or a combo beef/chicken stock instead of straight chicken stock.

    1. I'll play Captain Oblivious and go with a Pinot Noir, or even a Grenache or lighter Rhone blend.

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        I would rather be Captain Correct. Dry white wine.

        1. re: Meatgarden

          Captain Correct is right, I would use a dry white wine. Something cheap from Trader Joes.

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            Actually, all the captains, LOL, have good ideas, but the OP was looking for a red wine recommend, which works with chantarelles. It doesn't matter that the result is a red risotto, it's still going to be tasty. Call him Captain Courageous with red risotto. I second the Pinot.

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              White is fine with some risottos (asparagus, pea, etc) but I usually use red in mushroom but this was the first time I had tried chantarelles. It actually doesn't end up red, because I only used about 1/3 cup in a serving for 2 people. It is more of a grey final colour (the chicken stock and the mushroom liquid, piave cheese...). I used a Cote du Py gamay in the end, quite delicious actually.

              Re: the comment about cheap wine, never! I use in the risotto what I will be drinking with it - open the bottle, first bit goes into the pot, next goes to the cook...

        2. I've never used Pinot Noir with a risoto but its the first wine that came to mind when reading the OP. Chantarelles and Pinot grow near to each other, at least where I live; and things that grow near together usually taste really good together. Although a red wine might make the risotto an unbecoming color.

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            My dear Italian FIL usually makes his cheesy risotto with whatever red wine is on hand, and yes the color is .... well different, say a muted purple. But damn is is good!

            1. re: PolarBear

              I have a recipe for a Porcini Mushroom and Red Wine Risotto that specifically calls for a Burgundy (very close to a Pinot)....very nice on a night like this!

              1. re: care11

                Yes, I've done risotto with Porcinis and Burgundy as well, used to serve it in a restaurant I worked at; customers loved the reddish tint, to say nothing of the flavor.

                1. re: bushwickgirl

                  That's funny! Yes, it is quite red but I love its taste and texture and to me it's quite beautiful!