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Dec 10, 2009 11:06 AM

Charlestown Restaurants

Hi there, My family is travelling from the Cape to visit a relative in Charlestown. She just moved there and doesn't really know the area so was hoping we could get some good suggestions on where to eat. There will be 7 of us total. Is Olives worth the money? We're thinking Olives might be just a bit too expensive for this visit? What are people thoughts on Olives, Figs, Navy Yard Bistro, Max & Dylan's Kitchen Bar, Paolo's Trattoriaj. Tangierino sounds like a lot of fun (belly dancing and stuff) but I don't know if the majority will go for Moroccan food. (I did do search on here but I would like to hear some more recent opinions.) Thanks so much!!

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  1. I'd recommend either the the Navy Yard Bistro or Paolo's. Both places have a pleasant neighborhood feel and good, generally inexpensive food. Paolo's has solid if pretty traditional Italian and pizzas, and the Navy Yark Bistro covers the contemporary American genre well with an excellent and well selected wine list. Neither are particularly large restaurants if I remember correctly, so you'd probably want to call ahead to arrange for a table of 7.

    I was disappointed with Olives on my couple of visits and definitely didn't think it was worth the money. We had a nightmare service experience at Tangerino and I don't remember the food being good enough to compensate for it either. Figs was always good, but it's a pretty low-key night in the neighborhood kind of place in my opinion.

    Hope that helps!

    1. I second Navy Yard Bistro. It's cozy with very reasonable prices.

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        Yes, Navy Yard and Paolos are good choices for moderate prices. I generally like Olive's. Have had several very good experiences there and one not so great. Figs is really just a little pizza place.