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Dec 10, 2009 10:42 AM

any GOOD sweets that are not sugary like cupcakes...?

Hi, im a new chowhounder :)
Ok, so all the fro-yo and cupcake boom didnt really catch me.
Fro-yo is considered "HEALTHY" dessert, but its just low in calorie but super HIGH in sugar.
Cupcakes are obviously super high in sugar, i dont even know why people make line to get that greasy sugary 800kcal monster. its too sweet, i can't even eat half of it.

Anyways, i love dessert, but i want something not sugary.
Anybody know any good place to try? any bakery with low sugar? maybe a new dessert?

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  1. Generally speaking, you might have good luck at a Chinese bakery. There are several in the SGV. Their pastries tend to be not as sickly sweet as Western-style bakeries

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      Absolutely concur on the Chinese bakery recs... try JJ Bakery in Arcadia, for example. 1130 South Baldwin Avenue. Their cakes are distinctly un-sweet. For cakes that are sweeter (yet not treacley sweet like what you describe) check out the fresh fruit mousse cakes at Van's Bakery in San Gabriel-- 860 E Valley Blvd. (She made our phenomenal wedding cake) Lastly, you should check out the Angel Maid bakery in the Culver City area-- their white cake is wispy and airy, really delicious. 4542 S Centinela Ave.

      Mr Taster

    2. Porto's Bakery in Glendale has many less sweet deserts. At the last party I was at someone brought a tray of mini desserts from Porto's called fancies. There were little fruit tarts, whip cream filled pastry horns etc. But the best was the mango mousse. It was in small clear plastic rectangular cups that look like glass with a slivery tiny plastic spoon delicately inserted into the top which was a thin layer of guava gelee. It was heaven!!! Not too sweet creamy, rich and very mangoeee. I ate three and I still wanted more!

      So I say get thee hence to Porto's!

      1. On the westside, the desserts at Amandine and at Jin Patisserie aren't overly sweet. Or there's always cheese....

        1. mexican pastries are also not "sugar bombs" - you can often find them n regular grocery stores where there is a high hispanic population. they are sold like donuts and bagels in that you get a plastic bag and fill it with what you want.

          1. This is not local, but I just ordered Sweet Orange 'Tortas de Aceite' Crisps from La Tienda They are imported from Seville, Spain. They are only slightly sweet, have only 150 calories and the ingredients are flour, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, crystallized orange, sesame seeds, baking powder and salt. Nothing artificial. They are delicious.

            Anyone know if I could buy such a creation at a local bakery?

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              Not bakery fresh, but I've seen (and sampled) these at O & Co at Westfield Century City a while back. Call first, as they seem to be sold out on their website:

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                Thanks Hello Katty. I will check it out next time I am at the Century City mall. They look very similar to what I ordered from La Tienda, although without the orange flavoring.